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Top 10 Outdoor Lights

There’s nothing better than lounging around your backyard on a warm summer day. Enjoying the sun on your face as you recline on your favorite outdoor lounge chair or hammock is simply sublime. Once it starts getting dark, though, many people feel compelled to move indoors. However, you don’t have to go inside just because the sun goes down.

You can prolong the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces by adding lighting solutions designed specifically for outdoor use. From table lamps to floor lamps to lanterns, your backyard can take on a whole new life after dark. Just in time for summer, we’ve gathered together a collection of our top 10 favorite portable outdoor lights to help you light up the night.

Balad Lamp

Balad Lamp from Fermob

Portable and flexible, the Balad Lamp can be placed anywhere illumination is needed in the yard. A handy colorful handle means you can also hang this lantern in a nearby tree. The simple, pleasing shape may be a modern take on the traditional lantern, except this lantern uses rechargeable batteries and LED technology to make things easy.

Point LED Indoor Outdoor Lamp

Point LED Indoor Outdoor Lamp from Smart & Green

Petite and pleasingly shaped, the Point LED Indoor Outdoor Table lamp is the perfect addition to an outdoor dining table. Point is rechargeable, waterproof and doesn’t have any cords to clutter up the table.  The color changing feature means you can light up the yard with a specific color or set it to automatically cycle through the rainbow. As an added bonus, you can recreate the feeling of candlelight without any fire danger or worrying about wind snuffing out the flame.

INDA Copenhagen Ceramic Cordless Outdoor LED Table Lamp

INDA Copenhagen Ceramic Cordless Outdoor LED Table Lamp from Seasonal Living

The INDA Copenhagen Ceramic Cordless Outdoor LED Table Lamp offers the sophisticated lines of an indoor table lamp. A beautiful ceramic base combined with a UV-inhibited lampshade puts the quality and aesthetics of this lamp over the top. Beautiful tropical colors provide a delightful finishing touch whether INDA is placed on a balcony, patio or deck.

So Fresh LED Indoor Outdoor Lamp

So Fresh LED Indoor Outdoor Lamp from Smart & Green

I love the practical, unexpected multi-functionality of the So Fresh LED Indoor Outdoor Table Lamp. Another cordless and rechargeable lamp from Smart & Green, So Fresh also functions as a cooler for your favorite beverage–an absolute must when you’re lounging poolside. Capable of chilling two bottles of wine, So Fresh can transition between a variety of colors, a candle flicker effect or basic white light for just the right atmosphere.

Ipnos Outdoor Floor Lamp

Ipnos Outdoor Floor Lamp from FLOS Lighting

Taking minimalism outdoors, the Ipnos Outdoor Floor Lamp’s rectangular design is quite unexpected. I love the sense of empty space this light creates, which is a wonderful way to highlight the surrounding landscape. Almost sculptural in nature, this lamp is sure to be a conversation starter.

Muse Battery Outdoor Table Lamp

Muse Battery Outdoor Table Lamp by Tristan Auer, from Contardi

With a graphic X-shaped frame, the Muse Battery Outdoor Table Lamp adds a bold element into the backyard. A braided leather handle makes it easy to move this light around your space, and because it is battery operated, they can easily be grouped together for an even greater impact.

Vases Floor Lamp

Vases Floor Lamp from Vondom

The diamond cut pattern on the Vases Floor Lamp gives this molded lamp a subtle fabric look. The color changing LED light illuminates the lamp shade portion of the light, giving it a two-tone look. Select the color to set the scene or complement your outdoor decor.

Amphora 02 Floor Lamp

Amphora 02 Floor Lamp by Gonzalo Mila, from Bover

Breaking from the popular molded outdoor lighting design, the Amphora 02 Floor Lamp simulates the look of woven rattan–a material frequently used for outdoor furniture. The light has an interior globe that houses the lamp and an exterior shade to provide the woven look. This double-layered design gives Amphora a sophisticated appearance and gives the lamp a natural and slightly rustic look and an inviting warm glow.

Drylight LED Outdoor Table Lamp

Drylight LED Outdoor Table Lamp from Masiero

Who would have thought you could have a chandelier outside, much less a portable one? I just love how the Drylight LED Outdoor Table Lamp makes it easy to add an extravagant touch outside. Drylight technology makes this chandelier lightweight, easy to move and resistant to stress, wind, water, dust and corrosion, so you don’t have to worry about it. This portable chandelier is perfect for setting a romantic scene or throwing a sophisticated gathering.

Halley Floor-to-Floor Outdoor Floor Lamp

Halley Floor To Floor Outdoor Floor Lamp by Jordi Vilardell, from Vibia

I saved my absolute favorite outdoor light for last. The unique design of Vibia’s Halley Floor To Floor Outdoor Floor Lamp allows you to put light exactly where you need it. Recreating the look of a comet streaking across the sky, Halley can be placed over tables, seating arrangements or pathways. Consisting of three pieces that connect using a click and lock system, Halley is easy to move and adapts to any outdoor lighting need.

From small and simple to large and grand, today’s outdoor lights offers designs everyone can love. Finding the right outdoor light for your backyard, patio or deck allows you to extend the enjoyment of your outdoor space from spring through fall and well into the night. Need some more inspiration? Browse through our Outdoor Lighting ideas for more.


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