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Top 10 Best Modern Medicine Cabinets

Shop ten of the best medicine cabinets and mirrored cabinets with innovative technologies, flush-mount installations, and built-in electrical outlets.

Modern Medicine Cabinet bathroom ideas.
Edition 11 Mirror Cabinet With Lift-Up Door from Keuco

A part of the 2012 Reddot design award-winning Edition 11 Collection. The Edition 11 Mirror Cabinet With Lift-Up Door makes a bold impact in modern bath spaces with its wide, uninterrupted mirror front and supremely durable construction. The front of this beautiful mirrored medicine cabinet opens upwards using innovative opening technology that is built to withstand everyday use. Complete with everything needed for the organization, storage, and electrical utilization; this modern mirrored cabinet will not disappoint.

Modern medicine cabinets with tvs.
M Series Flat Plain Mirror Cabinet with Integrated TV from Robern

The M Series Flat Plain Mirror Cabinet with Integrated TV brings an air of opulence to any bathroom. The exclusive integration of an 8″ LCD TV screen introduces a new, cutting-edge, bath experience that allows you to watch the news or your favorite morning show while preparing for your day. Equipped with a full panel of electrical outlets and a headphone-jack with auxiliary controls to operate MP3 music players, all suitable for damp locations.

slim and modern medicine cabinet ideas.
PL Series Cabinet from Robern

The Large PL Series Cabinet by Robern provides an instantaneous and convenient upgrade to any master bathroom. This premium mirrored cabinet provides a reliable platform for daily preparation routines by storing all your essential bathroom toiletries and offering a crystal clear reflection. Create the perfect fit by choosing left or right hinges, electrical components, and other special features. Made of rust-free anodized aluminum, the Large PL Series Cabinet ensures durability and high-quality performance even after everyday use.

modern storage bathroom mirror
Storage Mirror Quadra from Arblu

The sleek and functional Storage Mirror Quadra brings charming personality to modern bathrooms. This striking mirror has one integrated shelf on the exterior of the cabinet and two generously sized shelves on the interior. A soft gel grip allows the mirror to be opened without leaving any fingerprints.

top modern medicine cabinets - YLighting
Edition 300 Mirror Cabinet from Keuco

The Edition 300 Mirror Cabinet provides an unmistakably modern design through its elegant lighting design and the upward-swinging door. This all-inclusive mirrored cabinet comes with all the luxurious amenities needed to upgrade a bath space with beauty and utility. For those with limited wall space, this is also available in a small size.

Modern uplift medicine cabinets.
Uplift Cabinet from Robern

The Uplift Cabinet is the perfect combination of efficiency and sleek design for any master bathroom. The vertically sliding mirrored cabinet door allows quick and full access to your bath essentials while also providing reliable reflections that last a lifetime. The highly appealing and cutting-edge mirrored cabinet provides the ultimate aesthetic solution to any modern bathroom in need of an upgrade.

Beveled Edge medicine cabinets
Kora Medicine Cabinet with Beveled Edge from Nameeks

Store your toiletries with ease in the Kora Medicine Cabinet with Beveled Edge from the Gedy collection. Manufactured in and imported from Italy, this cabinet is made of superior quality stainless steel and glass that will hold its timeless appeal for years to come. This wall-mounted, square-shaped cabinet comes with a beveled edge mirror that gives your contemporary personal bathroom a stylish look.

Modern triple mirrored light medicine cabinets.
Royal Reflex.2 Triple Mirrored Cabinet By Keuco

With the Royal Universe Double Mirrored Cabinet, modern innovation meets premium design. The slender form and LED-lit technology ensures a timelessly appealing design with maintenance-free, long-lasting lighting components. The mirrored front and sides prove that beauty truly is in the details while the sleek, chromed light fixtures enhance visibility and overall appeal of modern bathrooms.

Modern lighted medicine cabinets.
Royal L1 Double Medicine Cabinet By Keuco

Distinguished with the Reddot design award for its flexible interior and two vertical lights; the Royal T2 Double Mirrored Cabinet 35-Inch is a bathroom addition that will not go unnoticed. Complete with all the modern amenities expected from a fully functional bathroom cabinet with the added luxury of two supremely designed lighting elements. The additional lights fully illuminate both the room as well as the opened mirror, providing an optimally lit environment with every use.

vertical medicine cabinet ideas.
Candre Cabinet from Robern

The Candre Cabinet enhances the functionality of modern bath spaces while adding a sleek element that will withstand the test of time. Its clean, timeless, design adds contemporary charm to your bathroom while providing convenient storage space for frequently used bath toiletries. The large vertical mirror provides high-quality reflections for everyday styling needs, and a built-in swing-out magnifying mirror allows for more precise preparation. Add electrical outlets to this mirrored cabinet to conveniently charge electric toothbrushes, razors, cell phones, music players, and more.

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