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Editor’s Picks: Top 10 Modern Desk Lamps

Compact yet powerful, useful and often a paradigm of great design at work, desk lamps are an essential ingredient for any good office workspace. There’s no shortage of styles and types out there, giving you a wide range of options to suit your taste. But the desk lamp can be a unique piece for the office—many iconic lamp designs stemmed from a need in a workspace specifically. Read on for our 10 favorites in modern office lighting, as selected by our editorial team.

Tolomeo Classic Table Lamp by Artemide

True to its name, the Tolomeo Classic features a timeless look that will make it seem at home in any environment. Designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina, the Tolomeo has been awarded the Compasso d’Oro award for industrial design, thanks to its perfect blend of form and function. Its rounded base and semi-conical shade give it an inviting presence similar to that of the Pixar lamp, while a thin aluminum stem keeps the lamp stable yet fully adjustable.

Kelvin LED Table Lamp by Flos

Designed by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen, the Kelvin LED Table Lamp is a striking design piece, both in its simplicity and innovative technology. LEDs provide powerful light while remaining eco-friendly, and the lamp’s head can be adjusted up to 355 degrees to shine direct light in several directions.

Tizio Classic by Artemide

First introduced in 1972, the Tizio Classic is an enduring piece of task lighting, beloved by architects, designers and engineers alike. Designed by Richard Sapper, the innovative adjustment system users counterweight to keep its halogen light shining parallel to the desk at all times.

Quattro LED Task Lamp by Sonneman

Sonneman’s Quatro LED Task Lamp pulls off the difficult task of combining a friendly look with a design of almost clinical geometric simplicity. The lamp’s Flat Panel LED lighting shines evenly and without glare, and customers can utilize a cutting edge optical sensor to dim the light without touching anything.

Mosso Pro LED Desk Lamp by Koncept

Sleek and modern, the Koncept Mosso Pro LED Desk Lamp is an undeniably reliable and subtly beautiful desk lamp perfectly suited for modern offices. A built-in touch strip controls the LED light’s brightness, and the light’s color can be changed by holding the lens. With a robust design, versatile angling capabilities and a USB port for charging electronics, this lamp’s versatility is top notch.

Original 1227 Brass Desk Lamp by Anglepoise

This stunning desk lamp combines all the functionality and craft of modern office lighting while sporting a look that is truly its own. The cast iron base holds up the aluminum stem and shade with ease, while brass details give the lamp a touch of opulence. The stem and shade are adjustable in various directions, allowing the lamp to shine its light wherever the user pleases.

Pixo Optical Table Lamp by Pablo

Compact, mobile and sporting a cute design, the Pixo Optical Table Lamp provides not just light, but also warmth. The lamp features a rotatable head and arm, so its light can shine wherever is needed. Another nice modern touch is its USB charging port, adding even more usefulness to the lamp.

THIN Desk Lamp by Juniper

Juniper’s super compact THIN Desk Lamp truly embodies its name, giving office lighting a minimal twist. A ball joint attached to the base allows the lamp to be oriented in various directions, and an integrated dimming knob adds versatility to the amount of light it emits.

Enna LED Table Lamp by Astro

Bringing together an elegant design and a luxurious color scheme, the Enna LED Table Lamp is a useful and beautiful tool that’s sure to delight. With its cylindrical shade and arm shaped like an L, this lamp’s design is unique and well crafted. The lamp’s matte gold finish gives a sense of upscale style, elevating desk lamp design to an art.

Berenice Large Table Lamp by Luceplan

With its somewhat rugged look, the Berenice Large Table Lamp evokes the strength and grit of industrial products. A thick round base provides ample support for the adjustable stem, and various color options for the shade add visual embellishment.

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Editor’s note: This post has been updated from the original, published in September 2015.


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