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Vaulted Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Vaulted ceilings are a desirable architectural feature and can allow for some interesting lighting choices in your home. Chandeliers and pendants are perfect for these higher ceilings and exude style and function for your rooms. Use the extra space for large statement chandeliers or detailed pendants and pair these with recessed lights for optimal layered lighting. Take into account the overall feel of the room and use your lighting fixtures to accentuate that ambiance, whether light and airy or dramatically modern.

To New Heights

vaulted ceiling bathroom chandelier ideas
Spool Chandelier By Hudson Valley Lighting

Accentuate the height of your vaulted ceiling with an elegant chandelier paired with mostly white decor and a few natural touches for a modern luxurious look in your bathroom. Add a chrome pendant in the center of the room and wall sconces at the vanity for beautiful layered lighting.

Open and Airy

vaulted ceiling entryway pendant lighting
Xavier Pendant Light By Troy Lighting

Create a dramatic foyer by combining a rounded vaulted ceiling with a beautiful chandelier. Make sure there’s plenty of illumination by choosing a fixture with multiple individual bulbs and an open design that mirrors the airy feel of a glass front door and large windows.

Bedside Manner

bedroom vaulted ceiling lighting ideas
Luz Oculta Drum Pendant Light By ZANEEN design

Create an impressive bedside tablescape by hanging pendant lights along the wall at the high side of an angled ceiling in lieu of a lamp. Pair matching fixtures on either side of the bed for useful illumination and cohesive bedroom design.

Height of Style

crown suspension chandelier for vaulted ceiling
Crown Major Suspension from Nemo

Give your room even more height by mounting a chandelier over a coffee low table. Choose a design that is suspended from thin cords and that has a fluid design for an open and airy feel that pairs well with minimalistic styles.

Multilight Magic

vaulted ceiling star multi pendant lighting
Algorithm Star Multilight Pendant from Vibia

While rooms with vaulted ceilings can feel more open and spacious, it can sometimes be difficult to create a cozy atmosphere. A great way to build an intimate seating arrangement is to suspend a pendant fixture over comfortable armchairs. Choose a fixture that radiates warm light for even more ambiance.

Distressed Details

rustic decor with vaulted ceilings
Botanica Chandelier By Kichler

To emphasize ceiling details, such as a beam in the center of your vaulted ceiling, consider hanging a chandelier from it. For a rustic modern farmhouse aesthetic, choose a slightly distressed candelabra design that has decorative bulbs instead of being covered by glass globes.

Office Space

Wall sconces for vaulted ceilings
AJ Wall Sconce from Louis Poulsen

Create an office space that’s sure to maximize productivity by setting up a desk and small wall sconce on the lower side of a vaulted ceiling. Be sure to choose a wall sconce that is adjustable for focused task lighting.

Modern Farmhouse Feel

vaulted bedroom ceiling lighting
21.21 Multi-Light Pendant Light from Bocci

For a modern farmhouse look, pair a multi-light pendant with white decor and exposed rafters in your sloped ceiling. To really amplify the aesthetic, choose a pendant with an organic feel that emits a soft warm glow and adds beautiful detail to your bedroom.

Vintage and Vaulted

Sputnik vaulted ceiling light ideas
Sparta Chandelier By Hudson Valley Lighting

To complement a room with angled ceilings and a midcentury modern feel, choose a pendant with vintage vibes and metallic accents. Placed over a dining room table, this type of pendant is sure to be a hit at your next dinner party.

Classic Candelabras

vaulted ceiling chandelier ideas
Nori Chandelier By Feiss

Sloped ceilings with white beams and a darker background color provide a classic and transitional feel for a bedroom. Suspend a candelabra-inspired chandelier above a bed to extend that aesthetic and provide the perfect ambient light for your space.

Organic Feel

lotus wall sconces and pendant lights
Lotus Wall Sconce from MacMaster

Organically shaped pendants are a great addition to contemporary rooms that have vaulted ceilings. Look for pendants that have a lot of detail and, if the proportions are right, consider installing multiple similar fixtures at varying heights for added warmth and interest.

Keep It Cohesive

Exos double drum pendant lighting
Exos Double Shade Pendant Light By Hubbardton Forge

Consider using large pendant lights that echo the color of the sloped ceiling to add a cohesive feel to a multi-use space. Choose a fixture with a double shade for more diffuse light and a better-layered lighting look.

Natural Light

vaulted ceiling pendant lighting ideas
Fuchsia Pendant Light from MacMaster

Bring the outdoors inside by installing pendants that have a natural feel to them, such as ones that resemble flower petals or leaves. Use multiple pendants in a linear arrangement mounted at the height of your vaulted ceiling for a stylish and modern feel.

Ups and Downs

wall sconces for vaulted ceilings
Liberty LED Wall Sconce By Ricca Design

When a chandelier or pendant light just isn’t the right look, wall sconces can be a great addition in a room with a vaulted ceiling. Choose a sleek design that stylishly blends into the wall and provides up- and down-lighting for a modern approach and look for wall mount fixtures that allow for interesting arrangements for style and function.

Perfect Pairings

recessed lighting for vaulted ceilings
Entra Flanged Round Bevel Shower Trim By Element

Recessed lights are a great choice for vaulted ceilings, especially in a room that has rustic natural wood plank walls and ceiling. Add a dimmer and pair them with a pendant that has an industrial feel for perfect layered lighting for all your needs.

Artistry in Action

vaulted ceiling pendant lighting ideas
Floral Pendant Light from ZANEEN design

Suspended from a thin wire, large decorative pendants with many reflective surfaces that are an artistic way to add lighting in a room with a vaulted ceiling. Keep your other lighting and decorations understated to let the focus remain on your statement fixtures.

Unconventionally Edgy

vaulted ceiling chandelier lighting
Archer Chandelier By Hinkley Lighting

Add an edgy chandelier with an industrial feel to your vaulted ceiling for a contemporary aesthetic. For extra functionality and style, look for a fixture that uses bare bulbs and an unconventional design to throw light in many directions for perfect ambient illumination.

Geometric Proof

chandelier lighting for vaulted ceilings
Astrid Chandelier By Hinkley Lighting

A chandelier with an open geometric globe and decorative bulbs is a great choice for a modern room with a vaulted ceiling. Suspend it in the center of the room and add wall sconces and floor lamps for task and accent lighting.

Great Outdoors

Outdoor vaulted pendant lighting
Compass Outdoor Pendant Light By Hinkley Lighting

Don’t forget how much style a chandelier can add to your outdoor vaulted ceilings. Choose a rustic, open design that provides ambient illumination for fair weather get together. Be sure to choose a fixture that is wet rated for safety and longevity.

Use lighting fixtures to really play up your vaulted ceilings. Because of the additional height, angled and sloped ceilings allow for even more choice when it comes to type and placement of lights. Go for interesting chandeliers and pendant lights for style and add recessed lighting for additional ambient illumination.

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