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5 Tips To Decorate Your Bedroom With The Perfect Light

Bedroom, sweet bedroom … It’s said that, on average, we spend one third of our life sleeping. That is quite an impressive amount of time spent in our bedrooms. But more than a place to sleep, the bedroom is an oasis where we can unwind after a long, busy day, a place to read or even to work. The interior design, from light to furniture or color scheme, is what sets the mood of the room, thus becoming an important aspect to be taken into account when decorating the bedroom. As light accounts for half of the interior design and feel of a room, here are some great tips from Umage for having the perfect light!

Take a step back and look at the big picture.

VITA copenhagen | YLighting
EOS Collection Tripot Table Lamp + Pendant Light + X-Large Pendant Light from Umage

Whenever you choose light fixtures for a room, you need first to consider the size of the room and its style, and then the mood you want to set. Bigger spaces will need several light sources at various levels, so you can create different light moods and light setups that blend together. A big room with only one source will feel dark and uninviting. Having light in different spots and corner will make the space feel bigger and well-lit.

Still, don’t forget the details.

VITA copenhagen | YLighting
Conia Pendant Light from Umage

The light will set the mood of a space, from a cozy ambience to an energetic vibe. A perfectly balanced light setup will need different types of lighting ranging from general to task-oriented or accent lighting, sometimes combining indirect with direct lighting as well. Think about the purpose of the light before deciding on size, shape and design of the light sources. Working areas will require brighter light, while lounge areas need a soft, welcoming light.

Choose your centerpiece wisely.

VITA Copenhagen | YLighting
Lora Pendant Light from Umage

A central, stunning pendant light will, for sure, make a powerful statement. More than drawing admiration, it will cast an even glow around the bedroom, perfect for general tasks that require an overall light. However, if you decide to place your centerpiece pendant just above the bed, aim for a glare-free lampshade, so the light doesn’t shine directly into your eyes. Try to use shades where the light bulb is embraced by the shade or that isn’t visible from any angles, just like the Umage Lora lamp.

Balance the lights for the tasks.

VITA Copenhagen | YLighting
Carmina Pendant Light from Umage

Do you like reading in bed? Then task lighting is what you are looking for. Whether next to your favorite reading spot in bed or to the work area, add a ceiling light or a bedside or table lamp that will provide just the right amount of light for the task. For a compositionally balanced look, pairing is the answer. Place your lights symmetrically and you will attain a harmonious touch.

Add some design accents.

Vita Copenhagen | YLighting
Clava Pendant Light from Umage

Be creative and experiment with lamps that will add splendid design accents to a space. Smaller light fixtures can add a warm additional light and can enhance the entire look of a room, complementing the other interior design decorations. Display a few small lights in a beautiful cluster–they are increasingly popular and they bring an edge to any décor. For a playful touch, hang the lampshades at different heights, or look for chic lamps with a design twist. The Umage Clava lamp is a good example–a small and stylish lamp, perfect for clusters, it has small holes around the curvy vertical sides, bringing the light alive by casting a lovely glow around it.

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