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How To “Read” A VITA Copenhagen Design

Just like you and me, every piece of VITA copenhagen design comes with its own “baggage”. Just try to delve a bit inside, and you will find a fascinating story and a piece of its designers’ beating hearts.

Why that enticing shape or that particular material? Why that color and that packaging? Designs are not born from a vacuum; they are born from carefully crafted ideas, from polished thoughts and numerous prototypes, from trial and retrials, until they reach that beautiful form meant to be enjoyed.

VITA copenhagen Eos Collection | YLighting
Eos Collection (from Left to Right): Eos XL Pendant Light, Eos Pendant Light, and Eos Micro Table Lamp.

At VITA copenhagen, the design process is as unique as the company and the designs it has been creating. From getting the inspiration, to “molding” it to fit a greater purpose and a genuine philosophy, we are all about design; about aesthetics, simplicity and functionality – clean lines and beautiful craftsmanship. At VITA copenhagen, we are all about Danish design glowing in a new light.

Powered by Urban Nature

Vita Copenhagen | YLighting
Clava Pendant Light

VITA copenhagen’s designs are deeply rooted in the diverse urban landscape and raw nature surrounding our headquarters’ location in the pulsing heart of Copenhagen, Denmark – a place where the calmness of a bright summer day is replaced by the raging beat of the seas in the fall. This is where we live and breathe the joy, simplicity and beauty found in these spectacular settings.

Ripples Cusp Pendant Light By Soren Ravn Christensen, from Vita Copenhagen | YLighting
Ripples Cusp Pendant Light

We are powered by the urban nature surrounding Copenhagen. Our designs draw their inspiration from the endless Nordic seashores with their sandy beaches and moody waters, from the serene forests with their majestic trees, from seashells, waves, flowers or plants, and from every changing season. Just have a look at the Acorn or Ripples lampshade and you will instantly wander through the Scandinavian landscape.

Acorn Pendant Light from Vita Copenhagen | YLighting
Acorn Pendant Light

Stories in nature seek us out—they are the creative sparks that fuel and ignite each of our designs—and are hidden in colors, shapes, textures and patterns, in the thoughts and challenges behind the design’s purpose.

For Soren Ravn Christensen, the Chief Creative Developer and Founder of VITA copenhagen, the design process means creating products that not only look good, but that can feel good as well: “At VITA copenhagen, we put more emphasis on certain areas than on others. The importance lies in what attracts customers and what creates interest in and curiosity about the product. Being drawn to a product through its shape or material—to the extent that it makes you want to feel and touch it—are key elements in generating a success, and VITA copenhagen will always try to focus on these tactile and evocative details while sustaining our connection with our Danish design heritage.”

VITA copenhagen Designer Soren Ravn Christensen | YLighting
Soren Ravn Christensen holding an Eos XL Pendant Light and Clava Pendant in the background.

Of course, there’s even more to product construction than that. “Quite often, designers have an extremely hard time not overdoing the design. In design language, the Danish way is all about keeping it simple; it’s what we call ‘not belaboring the design beyond its appeal, but rather trying to stay in tune with what most people would find compelling”, adds Soren.

Who thinks that flat is more?!

VITA Copenhagen Packaging
VITA Copenhagen Flat Packaging

Our brilliant designers spend lots of creative hours, share lots of smart ideas – even some crazy wild ones, have lots of delicious coffee and contagious smiles, to ensure that every new design can be packed as small as possible. While design firms in this industry focus only on the aesthetics of a product, our designers are using one more creative constraint – making it compact. Why are we so obsessed on designing lamps that are both beautiful and flat packable, simple and enticing?

VITA Copenhagen Silvia Light | YLighting
Example of light flat packaging for lamps like the Conia, Carmina, and Lora Lights

Just imagine how many boxes are shipped and stored around the world each day. By designing beautiful lamps that fit in this chic and compact gift box, we help optimize worldwide logistics and save a colossal amount of packaging materials. While other companies are sending dozens of trucks containing only a few big packages, we only send one, packed with hundreds and hundreds of compact ones. In fact, the VITA Conia and VITA Carmina lamps, for example, would have to use the same space as 80 flat packed lamps, if we were to be pack it assembled.

Conia Pendant Light packaging from Vita Copenhagen | YLiving
Conia Pendant Light from packaging (left) to assembled and installed pendant (right).

As a direct impact we help reduce worldwide CO2 emissions and the environmental footprint, thereby doing our utmost to make our planet a better home for all of us. Since we save storage and transportation costs in the process, we can offer all our dazzling designs at affordable prices. After all, there’s no need for Danish design to cost a fortune, is there?

At VITA copenhagen, we pride ourselves on not being a regular lighting design company. We create beautiful lamps with a greater purpose and genuine thoughts behind every design. Since 2008, we have been making it big by making the packages small. We keep our gift boxes small and our designs and dreams big. See all of our current products here on YLighting.

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Andra Gavrilescu

Andra Gavrilescu

With a passion for design and the subtle beauty of Scandinavian style, Andra Gavrilescu brings to life the fascinating universe behind VITA copenhagen, a place where beautiful Danish lighting design meets affordability, high-quality materials and a genuine care for the environment. As the company’s Digital Communication Manager, Andra unfolds the thoughts, feelings and stories behind all those stunning VITA designs.

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