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When Should You Get A Sectional Sofa vs. A Regular Sofa

Choosing between a sectional sofa and a standard sofa can sometimes be overwhelming. While it can easily boil down to preference, things like space and need can help determine which kind of seating will work best for your living room.

Sectional Sofas

If your living room has space to spare, a sectional sofa is going to be a great option. There are four common configurations for sectional sofas, though there are plenty of sectionals nowadays that are versatile and can be rearranged however you’d like.

Chaise Sectionals
Sectional Sofa |YLiving
Jane Bi-Sectional from Gus* Modern

While a chaise sectional looks a lot like a regular sofa, it has one key difference: a chaise cushion. The chaise is typically at one end of the sofa, and can be configured at either the left or the right side.

L-Shaped Sectionals
Sectional Sofa |YLiving
The New Standard L-Shaped Sectional from Blu Dot

L-Shaped sectionals usually have five cushions, with two on one side, two on the other, and one in the middle connecting them.

U-Shaped Sectionals
Sectional Sofa |YLiving
Perry Preconfigured U Sectional Sofa from Modloft

U-shaped sectionals offer a lot of seating and are great sofas for larger families and gatherings. These sectionals typically have a center sofa with two equal sofas on either side.

Pit Sectionals
Sectional Sofa |YLiving
Zliq Island By Marcel Wanders, from Moooi

Pit sectionals provide a fun and cozy way to sit. Its best to think of these sectionals as more of a customizable bed, rather than a sofa. In a pit sectional, there’s a cushion for every spot and look like a large platform of cushions.

Standard Sofas

Sectional Sofa |YLiving
Florence Knoll Lounge Sofa By Florence Knoll, from Knoll

Unlike sectionals, sofas can’t be customized in the same way. However, while a sectional is more versatile than a sofa, it takes up far more space than a regular sofa. Small living rooms benefit from using a sofa over a sectional, since sectionals can easily crowd a room and overwhelm other furniture.

Sectional Sofa |YLiving
Atwood Sofa from Gus* Modern

If you still prefer a traditional sofa, but need the seating that a sectional provides, you can use two sofa’s facing one another. This is a wonderful way to create a conversational area and a more formal presence.

Streamline Sofa from Eilersen | YLiving Sofa Guide
Streamline Sofa from Eilersen

Another great option for smaller spaces are modern loveseats and small sofas. They also are a great versatile option for pairing with a traditional sofa if you want the seating of a sectional but don’t want to commit to set configuration of many sectionals.


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