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Design by Omer Arbel, 2006.
Made in Vancouver, Canada by Bocci.

The 22 is a complete suite of interior wall accessories that challenge the traditional, tired & ubiquitous cover plate concept. The 22 is designed to "mud" directly into drywall without a visible coverplate or trim. Alternatively, they may be set flush into millwork, marble, glass, tile or any other hard wall surface. Offered in White, Almond and Black. Shown in White.

The 22.6.1 is an assembly of one 22.3.8 tamper resistant 20A outlet for mud in drywall installation using the 22.2.1 single outlet mounting plate. The 22.2 system is a departure from conventional cover plate systems and requires precise and skilled craftsmanship during installation. Outlets can now be flush with the wall surface and are visually more subtle than ever before. Using the 22.1 removal tool, the modern-outlets can be removed to access the wiring after installation. Includes two-layer protective silicone caps for installation. UL listed.

Note: These mud-in components require precise and skilled craftsmanship during installation. The instruction sheets and online drawing files should be referenced throughout the building project to ensure coordinated installation.

A single 22.1 Removal Tool will be required for installation and maintenance. Sold separately.

  • Mounting Plate: 3.7"W X 5"H
  • Outlet Barrel: 1.4"L X 1.4"W
Item Number
22.6.1-W 22.6.1-A 22.6.1-B