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The 28.61 Round Pendant Chandelier is an exploration of fabrication process which is part of creative director, Omer Arbel's, quest for specificity in manufacturing. Instead of designing form itself, the intent for the 28 series was to design a system that produces form. Arbel developed a method that has loose parameters built into it, which produces a different shape in every iteration of the fabrication procedure. Thus, every 28 series piece made is formally different from any other in existence. Individual 28 series pendants result from complex glass blowing technique whereby air pressure is intermittently introduced into and then removed from a glass matrix (which is intermittently heated and then rapidly cooled). The result is a distorted spherical shape with a composed collection of inner shapes, one of which is made of opaque milk glass and houses a low voltage xenon lamp or 1.8W LED array. Dimmable with an electronic low voltage dimmer.

28 series - Making Of from Bocci on Vimeo

The 28.61 Round Pendant Chandelier is designed to cluster in hexagonal shapes which nestle into each other to create patterns as dictated by the needs of the interior. They may be clustered or composed in an ambient manner similar to their distant cousins the 14's. Suitable for residential and commercial use. Popular applications include clusters over tables in dining rooms and restaurants, accessory lighting in living rooms, decorative lighting, linear configurations or clusters over bars and kitchen islands and large chandeliers in building lobbies and other public spaces.

The glass is made with clear glass exterior spheres and milk white interior glass cavities and are suspended from braided metal coaxial cable. Powder coated round white canopy houses the electronic transformers, see instructions for specific mounting requirements. The 28.61 pendant chandelier is equipped with "Headphone jack" hardware, allowing the canopy to be mounted on its own, and then the preset length pendants can be individually "plugged in". Pendant cords can be shortened in the field. When ordering, please specify the longest height (100 feet max) and the shortest height. Heights are measured from the ceiling to the bottom of the sphere. The remaining pendants will be at random heights between the maximum and the minimum.

Note: A Product Specialist will contact you to confirm minimum and maximum height for pendant. For custom cord lengths greater than 10' please call (866) 428-9289 to place order. Custom cords are $20 per 10' increment (Maximum length is 100').

It is recommended to mount transformers remotely in a close, accessible and hidden location for ease of long term maintenance. Installation to be done by certified personnel to ensure code compliance.

  • Sphere: 6.5" Diameter (dimensions will vary slightly)
  • Canopy: 27.8" Diameter
  • 180 lbs
Blown borosilicate glass pendant, braided metal coaxial cable, white powder-coated canopy
Lamp Type
  • Xenon: 61 X 20W 12V bi-pin xenon lamp (included)
  • LED: 61 X 1.8W LED arrays, 2900K (included) (not dimmable)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
28.61 Round