Brand Spotlight: Fabbian Trade Projects

Fabbian is one of the main Italian manufacturers of modern lighting. A close observation of the real world and a tight collaboration with the famous designers — Paolo de Lucchi, Giovanni Minelli, Mathieu Lehanneur — enabled Fabbian to understand modern society and its design environment. In addition to the wide assortment available to the North American market, Fabbian experts are willing to create custom pieces for anyone with special requests. Visit YLighting Trade Program to order your own, unique Fabbian pieces.

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Dada Architecture + Design Headquarters: Zurich

Date: 2012.

For the Dada Architecture + Design Headquarters interior, architect Davide D'Agostino combined multiple styles to create a unique look. The Sospesa Pendant Light creates an official business atmosphere in the conference room, the custom-made Tile Ceiling Light makes a statement in the lounge area, while the Crio Pendant Light adds warmth and comfort to the creative department environment.

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Willemswerf: Rotterdam

Date: 2014.

Fabbian design team was asked to redesign the lobby area around the stairs leading to the prestigious Hotel Willemswerf in Rotterdam. As a result, the area is decorated by a huge custom-made Tooby Multispot Pendant Light from Fabbian's Tooby Multispot Collection. There are 160 lighting points in this specific multipoint pendant, and each one is fitted with a dimmable LED. Individual pendants consist of durable borosilicate glass with a cylindrical element in grooved plastic inside to ensure an even diffusion of light along the entire length of the tube.

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Cafe ArtScience: Cambridge, MA

Date: 2014.

Strategically positioned between the prestigious Harvard and MIT universities, Cafe ArtScience in Boston, MA is famous for offering experimental cuisine to its guests. It has already been dubbed the "missing link between a scientific laboratory and a literary cafe" by local scholars, artists, and students. The dining area is decorated with twenty Cloudy Pendant Lights, allowing every guest to enjoy the futuristic environment with a scenic atmosphere. The Cafe ArtScience interior suggests that the culinary art, science and design can go hand in hand and be a successful partnership for years to come.

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Blue Milano Office Group: Milan

Date: 2010.

While creating a new look for the Milan-based Blue Milano Office Group, the architect Marco Viola incorporated two of the Fabbian's most famous designs: Sospesa Pendant Light, featuring the tempered glass diffuser suspended from six cables, and the Crio Pendant Light, composed of a carefully folded aluminum sheet. Both luminaries would not come to life without a specific research of formal equilibrium and the geometric rigor with an aim to create a modern classicism. Together, the fixtures balance the official and the emotional aspects of today's business world.

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Dolphine Energy Limited, Abu Dhabi

Date: 2011.

Double crystal walls define the reception area of the Abu Dhabi office of Dolphine Energy Limited. A total of 2,376 tiles of crystal tiles illuminated by a waterfall of light create an eye-catching area that becomes the focal point of the room. Available in standard clear, Tile can also be ordered in amber to add warmth and coziness to any modern space. The concept of Tile is originated from an idea of how one can create a lamp, a light wall, or a space, starting with a single glass tile.

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