Brand Spotlight: VIBIA Trade Projects

Based in Barcelona, VIBIA specializes in design oriented lighting that allows professionals to create unique and fully customized architecture and interior design projects. By collaborating with world renowned designers such as Arik Levy, Jordi Vilardell, and Lievore, Altherr & Molina, VIBIA creates a synthesis between the design world and the end user, allowing room for creative improvisation and dynamic custom creations.

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Barton Bcn Tapas Bar & Restaurant: Barcelona

Located on a bright corner in Barcelona's Eixample neighbourhood, Barton specializes in a mix of traditional local cuisine, tapas and raw food. Inspired by the honesty and progressive nature of the food offerings, interior designer Isabel López Vilalta sought to create a space that acted as an extension of the menu itself. By selecting Arik Levy's Wireflow pendants, she supplies a minimalist presence and absence of volume, while providing an honest reflection of the cuisine and surrounding space.

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Olivia Balmes Hotel: Barcelona

The Olivia Balmes Hotel reflects the refined, cosmopolitan image that Barcelona aims to convey to its visitors. Inspired by this sophisticated aura, interior designer Josep Riu selected Rhythm chandeliers to illuminate the hotel's meeting rooms, providing both a dynamic character and warm ambiance. The versatile design of Rhythm also allows both horizontal and vertical illumination, ensuring an enriched sense of mood and atmosphere.

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Spaces: The Hague

Spaces was envisioned as a work club, encouraging collaboration in an environment that provides both variety and versatility to the work environment. Each room reflects a different mood, incorporating lighting and furniture in an attempt to provide a holistic experience to those within. Slim pendants illuminate the vertically oriented meeting rooms, further emphasizing the rather unusual scale of the rooms while reproducing the unique charm of candlelight in a contemporary setting. In the rounder and wider meeting rooms, Vol suspension lights bring a touch warmth and imagination, providing a brief respite from the chaos of the regular workday.

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Inaugure Hospitality Group: Barcelona

Artfully combining the warmth of Africa with contemporary minimalism, the interior design team at YLAB Arquitectos sought to create an open, amiable and functional work environment. To achieve the desired warmth, Plus ceiling lights of various sizes were installed to help simulate daylight within this interior space. In the Director's meeting room, an installation of Puck Wall Art adds a subtle and organic volume to the space, while providing indirect, seductive illumination free of shadows or reflections.

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