• Ships to Canada

London is a large, Murano mouth blown cylindrical glass shade. Offered in several beautiful transparent colors, London looks best with an Edison style lamp. A T10 or antiquated bird cage lamp will add old world feel and charm.

Bruck Lighting's stunning glass shades are hand-blown in various locations across the globe, by highly experienced artisans that are gifted in their craft. Since each piece is created entirely by hand, there will be slight differences from glass to glass. Like fine art, every piece is exclusive and magnificent.

Designed for use with Bruck's Zonyx, Eco or Geo Track systems or optional canopy. Ships with clear, red, blue, amethyst, aqua or bourbon colored glass shade. Offered with matte chrome, chrome or bronze finish.

Mounting Options:

Shown in matte chrome finish with bourbon glass.

  • 7.86"D X 9.88"H
Metal, glass
Lamp Type
1 X 100W 120V E26 (medium base) T10 lamp (not included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
110821bz/IN/MP 110821ch/IN/MP 110821mc/IN 110822ch/IN/MP 110822mc/IN 110822mc/IN/MP 110823mc/IN 110823mc/IN/MP 110824bz/IN/MP 110824mc/IN/MP 110825bz/IN/MP 110825ch/IN/MP 110825mc/IN/MP 110820bz/IN/MP 110820ch/IN/MP 110820mc/IN 110820mc/IN/MP 110821mc/IN/MP 110822bz/IN/MP 110823bz/IN/MP 110823ch/IN/MP 110824ch/IN/MP 110824mc/IN 110825mc/IN 110820bz/IN/ecobk 110820ch/IN/ecobk 110820mc/IN/ecobk 110821bz/IN/ecobk 110821ch/IN/ecobk 110821mc/IN/ecobk 110822bz/IN/ecobk 110822ch/IN/ecobk 110822mc/IN/ecobk 110823bz/IN/ecobk 110823ch/IN/ecobk 110823mc/IN/ecobk 110824bz/IN/ecobk 110824ch/IN/ecobk 110824mc/IN/ecobk 110825bz/IN/ecobk 110825ch/IN/ecobk 110825mc/IN/ecobk 110820bz/IN/ecosv 110820ch/IN/ecosv 110820mc/IN/ecosv 110821bz/IN/ecosv 110821bz/IN/ecosv 110821ch/IN/ecosv 110821mc/IN/ecosv 110822ch/IN/ecosv 110822mc/IN/ecosv 110823bz/IN/ecosv 110823ch/IN/ecosv 110823mc/IN/ecosv 110824bz/IN/ecosv 110824ch/IN/ecosv 110824mc/IN/ecosv 110825bz/IN/ecosv 110825ch/IN/ecosv 110825mc/IN/ecosv 110820bz/IN/ecowh 110820ch/IN/ecowh 110820mc/IN/ecowh 110821bz/IN/ecowh 110821bz/IN/ecowh 110821ch/IN/ecowh 110821mc/IN/ecowh 110822ch/IN/ecowh 110822mc/IN/ecowh 110823bz/IN/ecowh 110823ch/IN/ecowh 110823mc/IN/ecowh 110824bz/IN/ecowh 110824ch/IN/ecowh 110824mc/IN/ecowh 110825bz/IN/ecowh 110825ch/IN/ecowh 110825mc/IN/ecowh 110820bz/IN/zonmc 110820ch/IN/zonmc 110821bz/IN/zonmc 110821bz/IN/zonmc 110821ch/IN/zonmc 110822ch/IN/zonmc 110823bz/IN/zonmc 110823ch/IN/zonmc 110824bz/IN/zonmc 110824ch/IN/zonmc 110825bz/IN/zonmc 110825ch/IN/zonmc