• Eco-Friendly

    Eco Friendly

    Eco Friendly items utilize energy efficient technology or sustainable manufacturing processes to provide a product that saves operating costs while being a more responsible environmental choice.

    Eco Friendly products include Compact Fluorescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs, and items that utilize sustainable materials such as bamboo or use post consumer recycled content.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Ships to Canada

The Rainbow 2 Ceiling light consists of two glass shades. The inner cased glass is frosted white allowing for an even illumination. The outer glass can be clear with a dichroic coating or colored glass. The dichroic coated glass has a liquid mercury-like finish but when lit will show a fusion of dichroic colors. Available with either a low voltage or LED lamping option.
  • 4.5"D X 3.5"H
  • Canopy: 4.5"D X .5"H
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
Metal, artisan glass
Lamp Type
  • 1 X 50W 12V GY6.35 bin pin halogen lamp (not included)
  • LED: 1 X 8W 120-277V LED module, 400 lumens, 2800K, 90 CRI (included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
100725 100725bz/CM 100725ch/CM 100725mc/CM 100726 100726bz/CM 100726ch/CM 100726mc/CM 100728 100728bz/CM 100728ch/CM 100728mc/CM 100729 100729bz/CM 100729ch/CM 100729mc/CM 100816 100816bz/CM 100816ch/CM 100816mc/CM 100817 100817bz/CM 100817ch/CM 100817mc/CM 100916 100916bz/CM 100916bz/CM2 100916ch/CM 100916ch/CM2 100916mc/CM 100916mc/CM2 100919 100919bz/CM 100919bz/CM2 100919ch/CM 100919ch/CM2 100919mc/CM 100919mc/CM2 104727bz/cm 104725bz/cm 104729bz/cm 104817bz/cm 104726bz/cm 104919bz/cm 104908bz/cm 104728bz/cm 104727ch/cm 104725ch/cm 104729ch/cm 104817ch/cm 104726ch/cm 104919ch/cm 104908ch/cm 104728ch/cm 104727mc/cm 104725mc/cm 104729mc/cm 104817mc/cm 104726mc/cm 104919mc/cm 104908mc/cm 104728mc/cm