• Ships to Canada

The Regal Line Voltage LED Pendant Light is made from German hand-blown glass and features delicate brush stokes that create a unique texture. Available in several colors, the shade of this modern pendant light conceals the single LED light source. When illuminated, this energy-efficient light fixture casts diffused, ambient light that is perfect for lighting bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and living room spaces.

Product Features:
  • Each fixture is unique
  • Available with 4 different mounting options
  • Compatible with any Bruck line voltage track system
  • Can be retrofitted with Bruck's field adjustable 4" Kiss Canopy
  • Chrome and Matte Chrome finishes include clear cord and Bronze finish includes black cord
  • Includes 59" of field-adjustable cord

Mounting Options:

  • 8"D X 9.9"H
Blown glass
Lamp Type
1 X 18W 100-277V LED module (included)
Item Number
113870bz/ecobk 113870bz/ecosv 113870bz/ecowh 113870bz/geobk 113870bz/geosv 113870bz/geowh 113870bz/MP 113870bz/zonmc 113870ch/ecobk 113870ch/ecosv 113870ch/ecowh 113870ch/geobk 113870ch/geosv 113870ch/geowh 113870ch/MP 113870ch/zonmc 113870mc/ecobk 113870mc/ecosv 113870mc/ecowh 113870mc/geobk 113870mc/geosv 113870mc/geowh 113870mc/MP 113870mc/zonmc 113871bz/ecobk 113871bz/ecosv 113871bz/ecowh 113871bz/geobk 113871bz/geosv 113871bz/geowh 113871bz/MP 113871bz/zonmc 113871ch/ecobk 113871ch/ecosv 113871ch/ecowh 113871ch/geobk 113871ch/geosv 113871ch/geowh 113871ch/MP 113871ch/zonmc 113871mc/ecobk 113871mc/ecosv 113871mc/ecowh 113871mc/geobk 113871mc/geosv 113871mc/geowh 113871mc/MP 113871mc/zonmc 113872bz/ecobk 113872bz/ecosv 113872bz/ecowh 113872bz/geobk 113872bz/geosv 113872bz/geowh 113872bz/MP 113872bz/zonmc 113872ch/ecobk 113872ch/ecosv 113872ch/ecowh 113872ch/geobk 113872ch/geosv 113872ch/geowh 113872ch/MP 113872ch/zonmc 113872mc/ecobk 113872mc/ecosv 113872mc/ecowh 113872mc/geobk 113872mc/geosv 113872mc/geowh 113872mc/MP 113872mc/zonmc 113873bz/ecobk 113873bz/ecosv 113873bz/ecowh 113873bz/geobk 113873bz/geosv 113873bz/geowh 113873bz/MP 113873bz/zonmc 113873ch/ecobk 113873ch/ecosv 113873ch/ecowh 113873ch/geobk 113873ch/geosv 113873ch/geowh 113873ch/MP 113873ch/zonmc 113873mc/ecobk 113873mc/ecosv 113873mc/ecowh 113873mc/geobk 113873mc/geosv 113873mc/geowh 113873mc/MP 113873mc/zonmc 113874bz/ecobk 113874bz/ecosv 113874bz/ecowh 113874bz/geobk 113874bz/geosv 113874bz/geowh 113874bz/MP 113874bz/zonmc 113874ch/ecobk 113874ch/ecosv 113874ch/ecowh 113874ch/geobk 113874ch/geosv 113874ch/geowh 113874ch/MP 113874ch/zonmc 113874mc/ecobk 113874mc/ecosv 113874mc/ecowh 113874mc/geobk 113874mc/geosv 113874mc/geowh 113874mc/MP 113874mc/zonmc