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Modern Buffets + Sideboards

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Learn More About Buffets + Sideboards

Complete Your Perfect Kitchen & Dining Area with a Modern Sideboard Buffet

The modern sideboard buffet is an essential component of the contemporary dining area. Not only do modern sideboards add extra storage, but they also provide a decorative appeal that can completely transform the atmosphere of the dining room. Their utility and aesthetics will enhance any dining room with an open, inviting ambiance. While defined by their long and low profile, modern buffets actually come in a range of sizes, so they can fit in almost any dining area.

Modern sideboard buffets come in a wide array of styles to match dining tables and dining chairs. From farmhouse to mid-century modern buffets, the diversity of materials, colors, and designs will allow you to find one that meets your personal taste. For instance, mid-century modern sideboards will have vintage features such as clean lines and geometric angles.

What are Modern Sideboards & Buffets Used For?

The modern sideboard buffet is a decorative and functional addition to the dining room or kitchen dining area. Contemporary sideboard buffets offer storage for dishes, cutlery, and linens. They also provide additional surface space for serving food and displaying modern décor. Modern sideboard buffets are perfect for the dining room, whether used as the hors d'oeuvres station for a large formal dinner or showcasing your family’s fine china.

While sideboards and buffets are interchangeable, traditionally sideboards have shorter legs, and buffets have slightly taller legs. Credenzas are also similar beautiful storage units, featuring long profile and low or no legs, that can be used in many areas of the house, including dining rooms, offices, and living rooms.

Top Contemporary Sideboard Features

There are many different features for modern sideboard buffets to meet the demands of the 21st-century dining room. The storage features are the primary purpose of the modern sideboard buffet, but the design comes down to preference. Contemporary sideboards with closed cabinets and drawers will keep items hidden from view, while those with open shelves are perfect for showcasing dishware and glassware. Some units feature hutches for extra storage and display space. If you need even more storage space, consider adding bookcases and wall shelves.

The ideal size for your modern sideboard buffet depends on the size and layout of your space. While most contemporary sideboard buffets are long and low, they can range in length and height. Make sure the sideboard you choose is proportional to the dining room table. There should typically be at least one-and-a-half to two feet of space between dining room furniture, so the room doesn’t look too crowded.

Best-Selling Modern Buffet Brands

Ethnicraft brings the beauty of simple, minimalistic design to the modern sideboard buffet, featuring clean lines and geometric shapes. They provide high-quality craftsmanship to each piece with sustainably-sourced and carved woods.

Saloom Furniture offers timeless, handcrafted sideboard buffets that are built by New England artisans. They specialize in mid-century modern sideboard buffets that will elevate the contemporary dining room with sophisticated style.

TemaHome is one of the leading designers of minimalist modern sideboard buffets. While they provide a line of modern sideboards with a variety of features, all of their creations are sleek, clean designs built with the contemporary lifestyle in mind.