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Create a Well-Designed Space with LED Ceiling Lighting

LED ceiling lights combine environmentally-friendly technology with modern design in an elegant and sophisticated way that illuminates a whole room. While using a lesser amount of energy than their ceiling light counterparts, these LED fixtures cast the ambient light that is needed for a room to be functional. Available in either flush mount or semi-flush mount styles, LED ceiling light fixtures help to elevate the style of a room in addition to providing light. Sleek, low-profile, LED flush mount ceiling lights are an ideal addition to a room with a modern minimal style; while decorative LED semi-flush mount ceiling lights are a perfect alternative to hanging lights in room with low ceilings.

The Benefits of LED Ceiling Lights

Due to advancements in technology, LED lighting has become a highly efficient way to illuminate spaces. LED ceiling light fixtures have a higher longevity than their fluorescent or incandescent counterparts and possess an average lifespan of 50,000 hours. They also use less electricity to generate light making them more energy-efficient and cool to the touch. In addition to these technology benefits, the introduction of LEDs has allowed for the creation of new and exciting ceiling light designs that were not possible before due to the restraints of the traditional light bulb. You can now add a LED ceiling light with an ultra-thin profile or a decorative fixture that extends across the ceiling to a room.

Where to Use LED Ceiling Lights

When selecting an overhead light for a high-ceiling room, LED ceiling light fixtures are the best option as they are low maintenance due to their long lifespan. The ease of not having to replace a light bulb also makes LED ceiling lights great options for ceilings that are hard-to-reach such as above a dining room table or bed. LED ceiling lights are also perfect for rooms, such as offices, bathrooms, kitchens, and garages, where an ample amount of directional light is needed for daily tasks.

In addition to ceiling lights, LED pendant lights and LED chandeliers are also a great way to add ambient or direct light to a room as well as a decorative detail. For a more discrete lighting arrangement that blends in with the architecture of the room, LED recessed lighting or track lighting are ideal options.

From classic, iconic designs now available with LED light sources, such as the Boxie LED Ceiling Light from TECH Lighting, to new, unique designs that were not possible before, like the Circa Ceiling Light from Pablo or the Skydro Ceiling Light from Artemide, YLighting offers a wide assortment of LED ceiling lights that are sure to fit your design and lighting needs. In addition to offering the best in modern LED ceiling lights, YLighting provides no sales tax and free shipping on most orders. There is also a team of LED lighting experts that are happy to help with any technical or design questions at (866) 428 9289.