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Create A Well-Designed Space with Modern Ceiling Fans

Modern technology has become integral for almost everything we use daily, including lighting and other fixtures. Modern ceiling fans now do more than just cool homes and offices; these fixtures now offer a host of technology-driven fixtures that conserve energy and make life easier. Smart home technology has infiltrated home décor and lighting and many of today's ceiling fans incorporate this technology. Additionally, ceiling fans continue to function as intended by providing improved airflow and aesthetic value.

Best-Selling Modern Ceiling Fans

Selecting a modern ceiling fan largely depends on the size of the intended installation space. In general, rooms with more square footage can accommodate smart fans with longer and wider blades with high CFM (cubic feet per minute) output. CFM measurements are taken when the fan is on the highest speed setting to determine how powerful the airflow is – the higher the CFM rating, the greater the airflow.

Designer ceiling fans have evolved with technology and smart engineering has made a significant impact on the efficiency of even small ceiling fans. When it comes to choosing a modern ceiling fan for your space, there are plenty of best-selling options to choose from. For commercial spaces, there are plenty of large that still pack a lot of style with high CFM ratings. In areas like workshops and warehouses, there are several top-selling that are designed to effectively cool open spaces with expansive square footage. For residential interiors dominated by industrial or utilitarian décor and fixtures, there are several top-selling to choose from. These fans are instantly recognizable by their lantern-style light kits and finish like matte black and graphite.

If you intend to install a modern ceiling fan in an outdoor area, there is a vast range of Wet and Damp Rated ceiling fans available. Specifically-designed for use in outdoor spaces like patios, entryways, and covered porches, can withstand repeated exposure to humidity and inclement weather.

Modern Ceiling Fan FAQs

Q: What Should I Look for When Buying a Ceiling Fan?

A: There are 3 main things to focus on when buying a ceiling fan: fan size, number of blades, and speed. The fan size and blade pitch should be determined based on the total square footage of your space, while the number of blades can range from 2 to 15 and largely depends on aesthetic preferences. The speed of the fan is important as it is related to the fan’s efficiency and air output.

Q: Can a Ceiling Fan be Too Large for a Room?

A: Yes. You should choose a fan based on the square footage of your space. Large, 52-inch or are suitable for rooms up to 400 square feet, so installing a large ceiling fan in a space smaller than that is not recommended.

Q: What is the Difference Between the Number of Blades on a Ceiling Fan?

A: The number of blades was previously correlated with a fan’s overall efficiency but modern technology has made even 2-blade models more efficient. Now, the number of blades is more of a style preference.

Q: How do You Size a Ceiling Fan for a Room?

A: General sizing guidelines are based on the square footage of the intended installation space. Small spaces like hallways and laundry rooms can accommodate fans that are 29 inches or less. For mid-sized spaces like breakfast nooks, offices, or bedrooms, choose fans that are 36 or 42 inches. In large spaces like great rooms, master bedrooms, and dining areas, 52-inch and 56-inch fans are ideal.

Q: What is a Good RPM for a Ceiling Fan?

A: Rotations per minute or RPM is basically how many times the fan makes a complete rotation within the span of a minute. The higher the RPM, the higher the air output and the larger the fan the lower the RPMs as the blades are larger and make fewer rotations.