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The French word for "candlestick", chandeliers are a centuries old light fixture that was originally designed to elaborately display candles. Over the years they have held on to their status as luxurious, decorative light fixtures, and today they can be found in any room in a house. Modern chandeliers boast sophisticated, beautiful designs, and due to their elaborate nature become the focal point of any room. For rooms that need light as well as a centerpiece or a touch of luxury, chandeliers are the perfect design solution.

Favorite Designer Chandelier Brands

There are a number of new and classic brands known for their chandelier designs:

From size to style to material, there are a lot of factors to consider when selecting a chandelier - especially when considering all of the nuances of designer chandeliers. Both the style and design of the chandelier have morphed over time. In addition to the classic, tiered silhouettes, modern chandeliers are available in bold, unique designs, such as a round shape made from wood or a completely abstract design made from glass. A tiered, crystal chandelier would add a classic look to a room, while a would lend a charming detail.

Popular Chandelier Colors & Finishes

Chandeliers are also available in a variety of colors and finishes that enhance their overall impression. A black or white chandelier boasts a sophisticated look, while a gold or bronze finished fixture projects the feeling of luxury. Chandeliers even come in bold colors, such as red, green, and purple, which add a playful touch to any space.

After the style of the fixture has been decided upon, it is important to pay attention to the size of the room. For spaces with high ceilings, a tiered chandelier with several points of light is a practical solution. Whereas in a more compact space with lower ceilings, a such as a single-tier fixture with three or four light sources would provide the same decorative effect as a large chandelier while keeping the space feeling open and comfortable.

Where to Use a Modern Chandelier

No matter if its a bedroom, kitchen, dining room, or living room, chandeliers will add drama and intrigue to their environment. Modern chandeliers are striking, eye-catching light fixtures that instantly become the focal point of any room. Due to the vast variety of styles that are available, there is a chandelier that will fit in any space.

An entryway chandelier such as the from NEMO is a pleasing way to greet guests as they enter your home. While in a dining room, a modern chandelier with a linear design like the from Stickbulb will double as a light fixture and a decorative centerpiece. Chandeliers also make stunning additions to bathrooms. A damp-location rated chandelier like the from Robert Abbey will completely transform a bathroom into a modern, luxurious space.

While they provide a sufficient amount of light, chandeliers need to be paired with additional light fixtures to provide the appropriate ambient light a room requires. To combat glare and diminish unwanted shadows, combine a chandelier with wall sconces or recessed lights or even pendant lights to achieve the desired lighting effect.

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