Black Drum Modern Chandeliers

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Create a Well-Designed Space with a Black Drum Chandelier

Contemporary pendants, linear suspensions, and chandeliers are all part of one of the most loved lighting categories. However, chandeliers, in particular, have been a favorite in the lighting industry thanks to their ability to instantly add sophistication to any décor style – from ultramodern to traditional. Modern lighting brands continue to design forward-thinking fixtures that use a combination of sustainable materials, technologically-advanced lamping, and dimming capability, as well as new fabrication techniques that deliver eye-catching fixtures that work well in a variety of residential and commercial settings. For modern interiors, noting embodies style and simple sophistication more than drum-style chandeliers.

Choosing a Black Drum Chandelier

Finding the perfect chandelier entails learning what options are available, determining your space’s specific lighting requirements, and understanding how color and style affect the existing furniture and decorative accessories of the intended installation space. With so many sizes, colors, lighting types, and styles, it’s easy to become overcome with the options. Since style is what initially draws the eye, it’s a great place to start.

Popular black drum chandeliers share many common design features that make these fixtures a staple in modern design. From slatted drum shades that provide a combination of filtered ambient lighting and focused downlighting to comprised of solid iron with decorative and functional suspension chains, modern drum lighting

In traditional spaces, the top-selling fixtures are and as both of these styles embody elegance that also serves as a welcome addition to minimalist or ultramodern spaces. Favorites in these category feature integrated electronic low voltage (ELV) dimming, are highlighted by metallic hardware in finishes ranging from jet black to polished silver, and genuine crystal accents that brilliantly reflect light. As for black and gold chandeliers, many popular styles combine metal hardware with solid brass or gilded metal accents. Other top sellers include that are perfect for industrial or utilitarian décor as well as gold drum chandeliers that infuse any space with a high-end yet unobtrusive look.

Other Considerations

The selection of modern black drum chandelier and similar styles can be overwhelming at first glance but aside from style preferences, there are few more things to think about before choosing a fixture. Many of today’s contemporary linear suspension, pendants, and drum-style chandeliers offer various lighting choices so you can be sure you choose the right type for your space. There are three main lighting types and each serves a different purpose. Uplighting is typically used as accent lighting and is perfect for spaces like living rooms, foyers and corridors because not much task lighting is needed. Downlighting, on the other hand, is ideal for spaces where tasks that require focused task lighting frequently occur like kitchens, dining rooms, offices, and conference rooms. Ambient lighting is a softer, more diffused type of lighting that is ideal for bedrooms. Choose a modern chandelier based on the specific lighting needs of the space and be mindful that some styles provide a combination of two or more lighting types.