Design Spotlight: Make it Yours

Every modern space demands a unique design. With a commitment to honest materials and versatile forms, these new cord-and-lamp based luminaires were designed to be made your own. Here are six designs that are highly adaptable in both their scope and form, allowing remarkable levels of customization.


Design by Arik Levy, 2014

Sculptural and elegant, the Wireflow Collection is defined by its bold geometric forms and illusory compositions. Composed of black electrical wire, lacquered steel rods and LED modules, Wireflow provides visual continuity of lines and light, giving a tangible character to its minimalist design concept. Ideal for creating large, visually dynamic clusters and artistic installations, Wireflow is perfect for modern home, retail and hospitality spaces.

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String Light Cone Pendant

Design by Michael Anastassiades, 2014

The String Light series was inspired by the designer traveling on trains and seeing the electrical wires that connect the pylons. As the train moves at a high speed, the parallel electrical strings begin to stand out, which Anastassiades translated into lights that are like linear drawings where you can demarcate and divide your space however you want. Create endless combinations with multiple fixtures and accessories to design a truly unique masterpiece.

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Alva Pendant Light

Design by TECH Lighting, 2015

The classic Edison-style squirrel cage lamp is reincarnated here as a modern socket and cord-style LED pendant light. The Alva Pendant Light features a powerful downward-firing LED that is smartly hidden within the "socket" then combined with a solid "bulb" of pure optic crystal. Intricately detailed "filaments" are laser-etched into the crystal for a visually intriguing light fixture.

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E27 Pendant Light

Design by Mattias Stahlbom, 2008

"The simplicity of the naked bulb is hard to compete with. It stands for something that feels romantic and contemporary at the same time. E27 departs from the essence of a lamp, creating a simple yet strong object that celebrates the potential beauty in simplicity." - Mattias Stahlbom.

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SoCo Pendant Light

Design by TECH Lighting, 2012

TECH Lighting's SoCo system of Sockets & Cords delivers choice, flexibility and the power of custom design. Bare lamps can be beautiful, and now it's easy to create your own unique light sculpture. Mix, match and cluster or just install a few at a time to put light exactly where you need it. A variety of socket, finish, color and length options ensure that the possibilities are almost limitless.

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Santorini Outdoor Pendant Light

Design by Sputnik Estudio, 2014

Inspired by the lanterns found on fishing boats, the Santorini collection of outdoor customizable lamps allows you to create multiple compositions. Users can choose how many shades to place on the diffuser, along with their order, position and direction. This interplay of combinations yields a rich array of direct or reflected illumination.

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