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Modern Credenzas

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Learn More About Dining Room Credenzas

Create A Well-Designed Space with A Dining Room Credenza

Despite the popularity of ultramodern and minimalist design styles, traditional decor is still a favorite among many designers and consumers. Specifically, formal dining rooms still benefit from classic details like credenzas and serving buffets that mesh with more modern light fixtures and decorative accessories. Sometimes called a sideboard, credenzas offer both aesthetic value and storage space for place settings, utensils, and fine china. Additionally, credenzas are a stylish storage solution for offices and can easily conceal printers, fax machines, and other office essentials.

Popular Dining Room Credenzas

In terms of decorating your modern dining room or office space, choosing the right credenza can present a challenge. Popular styles range from ultramodern buffets that feature clean lines, soft-closing doors, and casters for portability as well as traditional wood credenzas with satin nickel hardware and hardwood finishes like smoke cherry. Many feature door or drawer systems that allow you to choose the style that best meets your style preferences and functional needs.

For rooms dominated by mid-century modern elements, there are plenty of free-standing and wall-mounted light oak and blonde maple sideboards that bode well with this decor style. Many of the best-selling come in a variety of natural and treated finishes ranging from unfinished hardwoods to lacquered neutrals like glossy black or white that work well anywhere from formal dining spaces to open loft-style interiors.

In minimalist, utilitarian, or ultramodern interior, sleeker credenzas and add an element of refinement while still maintaining a modern aesthetic. Bestsellers in this category offer various dark hardwood finishes like deep walnut and charcoal gray, as well as pieces that add to a light an airy feel with lighter finishes like smoke complemented by metallic hardware finishes including brass and polished chrome.

Choosing a Modern Credenza

Picking out the right modern credenza for your dining room can be exciting yet challenging due to the range of options available. The range of modern credenzas and sideboards is impressive and choosing one will largely be based on the existing furniture and decor in your space. Look for inspiration in the room’s existing and elements like wall art and make an effort to pick up on elements like style and hardware finishes to create a professionally-curated look.

The most popular are often part of a larger collection that makes it simple to create a cohesive look in your space. Choose a buffet from a collection that features coordinating , and wall shelves to ensure that your room looks well put together.

In addition to style considerations, it is always a good idea to think about the size of the intended space. Choose a modern credenza based on the square footage of your space and ensure that the style you choose is large or small enough to bode well with existing furniture and decor.

Other Things to Know about Modern Credenzas

Choosing a new sideboard for your dining room is exciting but there are few more things to keep in mind before making a final decision. Aside from your room’s square footage and overall style, ease of maintenance is also important. For example, if you choose a contemporary credenza composed of special materials like reclaimed or specially treated wood, care and maintenance requirements must be followed to preserve the beauty of the piece over time. Alternatively, many modern credenzas feature easy-to-clean surfaces that only require periodic, standard cleaning.