Design by Eloy Puig.
Made in Spain by El Torrent.

Create a myraid of organic shapes with the Petal Ceiling Light. Available in three sizes and eight ribboned fabric colors these ceiling lights can be combined to form works of art on your ceiling. Perfect for adding a decorative touch in modern living rooms or bedrooms with lower ceiling heights. Features a methacrylate diffuser and a magnetic mount. Shown in white.

  • 27 Inch: 27.5"W X 16.87"L X 7.12"H
  • 43 Inch: 43.25"W X 25.62"L X 7.12"H
  • 59 Inch: 59.12"W X 33.87"L X 7.12"H
Methacrylate, ribbon
Lamp Type
  • 27 Inch: 2 X 24W 120V 2G-11 base twin tube compact fluorescent lamps (not included)
  • 43 Inch: 4 X 36W 120V 2G-11 base twin tube compact fluorescent lamps (not included)
  • 59 Inch: 4 X 55W 120V 2G-11 base twin tube compact fluorescent lamps (not included)
Item Number
TUS.PT.001.04.CWH TUS.PT.001.04.CBD TUS.PT.001.04.CRU TUS.PT.001.04.COR TUS.PT.001.04.CBK TUS.PT.001.04.CMR TUS.PT.001.04.CGI TUS.PT.001.04.CRJ TUS.PT.001.13.CWH TUS.PT.001.13.CBD TUS.PT.001.13.CRU TUS.PT.001.13.COR TUS.PT.001.13.CBK TUS.PT.001.13.CMR TUS.PT.001.13.CGI TUS.PT.001.13.CRJ TUS.PT.002.04.CWH TUS.PT.002.04.CBD TUS.PT.002.04.CRU TUS.PT.002.04.COR TUS.PT.002.04.CBK TUS.PT.002.04.CMR TUS.PT.002.04.CGI TUS.PT.002.04.CRJ TUS.PT.002.13.CWH TUS.PT.002.13.CBD TUS.PT.002.13.CRU TUS.PT.002.13.COR TUS.PT.002.13.CBK TUS.PT.002.13.CMR TUS.PT.002.13.CGI TUS.PT.002.13.CRJ TUS.PT.003.04.CWH TUS.PT.003.04.CBD TUS.PT.003.04.CRU TUS.PT.003.04.COR TUS.PT.003.04.CBK TUS.PT.003.04.CMR TUS.PT.003.04.CGI TUS.PT.003.04.CRJ TUS.PT.003.13.CWH TUS.PT.003.13.CBD TUS.PT.003.13.CRU TUS.PT.003.13.COR TUS.PT.003.13.CBK TUS.PT.003.13.CMR TUS.PT.003.13.CGI TUS.PT.003.13.CRJ