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Why Kitchen Pendant Lighting is Important

Whether your kitchen is small or large, it always seems like there is never enough surface space. Deciding on the layout of your kitchens lights can be tough when surface space is limited. A table lamp isnt ideal as it will take up valuable room on a kitchen counter or island, and wall sconces are not always practical options because of cabinets lining the walls. So the perfect solution is kitchen pendant lighting.

How to Choose a Kitchen Pendant Light

The right ceiling light fixture ties a room together, and pendant lighting for the kitchen is the perfect finishing touch. When deciding on what type of fixture to add, select either a metal or glass pendant light for your kitchen as these materials are the easiest to clean. Popular finish options for metal pendant lights include brushed nickel, copper, bronze, and chrome.

Besides paying attention to the material of kitchen pendant light fixtures, it is also important to recognize where the pendant will be hung. If the light will be suspended above a sink or stove top, select either a globe- or bowl-shaped pendant light in order to protect the light bulb from accidental splashes or steam.

Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

From preparing and cooking food to being a space for dining and storage, kitchen islands are multipurpose spaces that are hard to light. Having to move beyond conventional task lighting solutions like a table lamp or under cabinet lighting due to limited surface space and no overhead cabinets, the ideal way to add kitchen island lighting is through kitchen pendant lighting.

There are a variety of different ways to style kitchen pendant lighting over an island. A grouping of colorful, mini pendant lights lined over a kitchen island will provide task lighting that will cover the whole surface as well as provide a decorative, colorful detail. Another option for kitchen island pendant lighting is a linear pendant light, which will cast light straight down onto the islands surface.

At YLighting we have a vast variety of modern kitchen pendant lights ranging in styles from mid-century modern to industrial to Danish modern to rustic. While offering the best selection in kitchen pendant lights, YLighting also applies no sales tax and free shipping to most orders. For any questions about kitchen pendant lighting, we have a team of lighting experts that are ready to help at (866) 428 9289.