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Make a Great First Impression with Entryway Lighting

You only get one shot to make a first impression and when it comes to your home, the entryway can set an inviting and welcoming mood for your guests. A dimly lit entrance room can provide the opposite effect but luckily there are many ways to light up your entryway to match your current style or introduce a new motif to your home. Immediately capture your guests attention with a contemporary or modern foyer chandelier or choose a combination of entryway pendant lighting and foyer table lamps if you are looking for a more traditional style.

How to Choose Entryway Pendant Lighting

The first thing to consider when trying to decide between foyer pendant lighting and a more ornate large foyer chandelier is the size of your entryway. When buying a new chandelier, it is important to keep in mind the fixtures height, width and cable suspension length to make sure it properly fits your entryway. Foyer table lamps are a great alternative if your foyer does not allow for a chandelier. Foyer table lamps are perfect for setting a more traditional atmosphere and making them a part of your existing entryway design. Pendant lighting is also a great alternative to foyer lighting if you want a properly lit room without making too much of a splash to your style and if you are short on space. A dimmable light is also a great option if you are looking to change the mood and control the ambiance of your entryway.

Entryway Chandeliers

The entryway is one of the best places to showcase a chandelier regardless of the size. Not only can it make a stunning first impression but it can provide ample lighting regardless of the size of your entryway. While small chandeliers are becoming more popular in different applications such as bedrooms or bathrooms, small foyer chandeliers are still a great option for a more elegant, less striking welcome. There are various options for large entryway chandeliers that allow you to express yourself whether you are looking for a classic or luxurious style. A candelabra multi-tiered structure style large chandelier is ideal if you are looking for a more classic expression, or make a striking luxurious impression with a crystal chandelier.

Entryway Lighting for Low Ceilings

When choosing lighting for a low-ceiling entryway, task lighting proves to be the most useful and can be combined with almost any style. An entryway table lamp can be used to accent furniture and objects, set up multiple table lamps to create the right atmosphere by highlighting specific parts of your home. Using the right bulbs is crucial to finding the perfect light temperature when using multiple foyer table lamps. Wall lighting is also a great alternative when you are short on space, some of the most striking pieces on the market today are contemporary foyer lights that adorn your wall and can create a splash of welcoming light inside or out of your entryway.

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