Modern Floor Lamps

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What is a Floor Lamp?

A modern floor lamp is a standing lighting fixture in its most basic and applicable form. Floor lamps are comprised of a base, a column, light fixture, and occasionally a lampshade. The base is commonly circular is the heaviest component of the lamp to provide stability. However, such as in the case of tripod lamps, some floor lamps will have several legs to keep it balanced. Columns connect the base or legs to the light fixture and come in several main forms: either vertical, set at a slight angle, in the form of an arc categorized as , or are equipped with adjustable options so that you can set the height or angle of the fixture yourself.

Where to place a Modern Floor Lamp?

Focusing on how the lighting within your home transforms the function, feeling, and features of your home require consideration of many different factors. You must consider the layout of your rooms, how ceiling lights and wall lights will be mounted, which features (whether they are pictures, pieces of furniture, or the interior architecture) should be accented, and how well you can perform daily tasks within the lighting you've given yourself. When considering these factors, modern floor lamps become a useful lighting addition to your home because of their portability, versatility and lack of installation concerns. Simply put, if there is a space in your home that needs illumination and you do not want to install lights, a floor lamp is a good solution. Plus, large floor lamps can fill awkward spaces such as corners or behind furniture due to their tall and slim columns and compact bases.

Contemporary floor lamps are often used for task lighting such as for placing beside a couch or sofa to provide reading lighting, to light up a coffee table or desk, or simply a light source to go along with watching television. However, they can also serve as a form of ambient lighting to provide a warm atmosphere when used as the only light source in the room.

Common forms of Modern Floor Lamps

Modern floor lamps are broken up into three main categories: floor lamps, , and . Floor reading lamps differ from floor lamps in that they are designed to be adjustable and provide directional lighting whereas common floor lamps are used for more general, ambient lighting. Torchiere lamps are unique in that their light fixtures are directed upwards, often on a plate attached to the bottom of the light fixture. Torchiere lights are useful for accenting points of interest on a wall or ceiling. For those searching for unique floor lamps, browse among multi am floor lamps and tripod lamps. Whereas traditional lamps feature one single column, base, light and fixture, these types of lamps feature floor lamps in a more innovative and unique form. are also available for those interested in conserving energy.

Contemporary Floor Lamp Styles, Colors and Finishes

Finding the right contemporary floor lamp to fit your home depends on having the right options to choose the style and color to match your existing decor. YLighting focuses on providing modern and contemporary floor lamps by the most innovative and celebrated designer brands. Each designers style can be attributed to different disciplines as well, so it is not uncommon to find , , and within our selection.

Depending on the color scheme of your home's design, color may be the deciding factor in your choice. Among this selection, you will find floor lamps with popular finishes and colors such as rose gold, gold, white, black, silver, and bronze. Don't be afraid to branch out from the traditional floor lamp colors and add a touch of color to the room.

Popular Contemporary Floor Lamp Designers and Products

In our selection you will find the best floor lamps by Robert Abbey, George Kovacs and many other top designers. Below are several of the most popular products as chosen by previous customers.

: This standing floor lamp by FLOS Lighting is an excellent example of a minimalist lamp. Its structure is stripped to the basics with a classic circular base with a vertical column. Yet, the light fixture - an opal diffuser made of blown glass - radiates with elegance.

: This iconic modern floor lamp by Artemide is modeled after the original Tolomeo desk lamp, but in a larger form. The lamp is adjustable from three points along the column and allows for highly versatile lighting.

: This Visual Comfort floor lamp is a beautiful piece characterized by its sphere of glass and pearl accents and warm, ambient lighting.