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Modern Lamps

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Modern Lamps for Every Room & Style

Designed to provide either ambient light to illuminate a whole room, or accent light for reading or brightening a dark corner, lamps are a pleasing and effective way to light a space. In addition to providing different types of light, modern lamps are a compelling alternative to hardwired lights and are the perfect solution for rooms with low ceilings or minimal wall space. Available in a range of styles and sizes to work in any setting or room such as a dining room, living room, or bedroom, lamps not only provide light but can elevate the room's decor by doubling as sculptural objects of beauty.

Floor Lamps: Floor lamps are moving beyond being a simple room accent and becoming a functional statement piece that is an integral part of a room's design. Whether it is a tucked away in a corner casting accent light for visual interest or an positioned next to a sofa or lounge chair to provide reading light, there is a floor lamp design for any room or purpose.

Table Lamps: A compact version of a floor lamp, a serves as both a functional light fixture and a table decoration. While providing accent light to enhance the overall lighting in a room, lamps are available in a range of styles from compact and slim to large and statuesque. For a sophisticated living room, a classic, glass lamp with a fabric shade will enhance the light and decor of the room with its refined and elegant design. Whereas a swing arm lamp placed smartly next to a bed provides reading light which can be adjusted as needed.

Desk Lamps: For task lighting or when a more concentrated beam of light is needed, are the solution. They are the perfect companions to any workspace. However, task lights are also a modern way to add accent light or reading light to any living room side table or bedside table. They function as reading lamps while providing a unique, contemporary styling.

Outdoor Lamps: Illuminate any outside lounge area or dining space with an outdoor table lamp or floor lamp. Unlike their indoor counterparts, outdoor lamps are designed to withstand harsh environmental elements making them durable and long-lasting. In addition to being reliable, outdoor table lamps are easy to transport and move around a yard, while are sturdier and often secured to the ground or weighted down for safety.

Form & Function with Contemporary Lamps

Defined by their practicality as well as their ability to assimilate into virtually any environment, modern table lamps and floor lamps are portable, stunning, and functional. By operating off batteries or a plug-in cord, floor and table lamps possess a portable design that offers the ability to be moved and rearranged whenever. In addition to being portable, several models of modern lamps also feature adjustable and flexible lamp heads and arms to allow for the direction of light to be customized. This adaptability has been amplified ever since the introduction of LED technology. Through the use of LED lights, table and floor lamps are now featuring slimmer profiles, 360° lamp head rotation, and remain cool to the touch. A LED lamp also has a longer lifespan and is more energy-efficient than its incandescent counterpart.

Iconic Modern Lamps

Throughout the history of design, there are lamps that have become true icons. Whether it's because of their practicality or their beautiful silhouettes, these light fixtures showcase the beauty of modern design. Some of the most well-known icons are . One of the most familiar lamps from this time was the arc floor lamp, and its grace and elegance are exemplified in the and . Other recognizable lamps from the mid-twentieth century are the and , both defined by their practical and organic forms.

Whether you are looking for a classic table lamp for a console table or a modern floor lamp for your living room, YLighting offers a range of modern lamps sure to fit your lighting needs. And with no sales tax, free shipping on most orders, and a team of modern lighting experts that are happy to help with any questions, YLighting is the premier destination to buy contemporary lamps.

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