Design by Ionna Vautrin, 2011.
By Foscarini.

The Chouchin Round Multipoint Pendant by Forscarini represents a technical solution that couples function with design harmony. The included multipoint canopy makes it possible to build compositions that utilize up to 9 pendants, creating a cascade of emotional illumination. While it is particularly suitable to enrich a staircase or foyer space, Chouchin can also be used to artfully illuminate modern dining rooms, kitchens, and living rooms.

Chouchin is a family of suspended lamps that takes its name from traditional Japanese paper and bamboo lanterns. Their typical shape has been reinterpreted in a pure contemporary style, using an age-old material: blown glass that has been painted to make it completely opaque and glossy. The result combines a warm colouring, textured and precious, with a luminous collar that projects an intense, direct beam of downlight illumination.

To Order: Select the desired number of Chouchin and Chouchin Mini pendants from the available options. A maximum of 6 Chouchin or 9 Chouchin Mini pendants can be installed per canopy. When combining Chouchin and Chounchin Mini pendants on the same canopy, the max number allowed is 7 total. If needed, an upgrade to 200" cables is available. For custom orders, please call (866) 428-9289 for assistance.

Canopy is constructed of metal, and features a white lacquered finish. Example shown features one Chouchin 1 Pendant, one Chouchin 2 Pendant, one Chouchin 3 Pendant, one Chouchin Mini 1 Pendant and two Chouchin Mini 2 Pendants, with 78" cables.

Chouchin 1 max 6
Chouchin 2 max 6
Chouchin 3 max 6
Chouchin Mini 1 max 9
Chouchin Mini 2 max 9

  • Canopy: 19.63"D X 2.15"H
  • Chouchin 1: 15.8"D X 12.4"H
  • Chouchin 2: 8.8"D X 17"H
  • Chouchin 3: 12"D X 9.8"H
  • Chouchin Mini 1: 6.63"D X 5.38"H
  • Chouchin Mini 2: 4.88"D X 9.38"H
  • Cable: 78 - 200" Max Length
blown glass, glass
Lamp Type
  • Chouchin 1: 1 X 75W Par30 Halogen lamp (not included)
  • Chouchin 2 & 3: 1 X 150W E26 medium base T10 halogen lamp (not included)
  • Chouchin Mini: 1 X 35W 120V GU10 MR16 halogen lamp (not included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
210071SR253 210072SR240 210073SR225 210071SR 53 210072SR 40 210073SR 25 210271SR253 210272SR240 210271SR 53 210272SR 40 ROSONE01 10