Design by Nendo, 2011.
By Foscarini.

The Maki Linear Multipoint Pendant by Forscarini represents a technical solution that couples function with design harmony. These canopies make it possible to build compositions that utilize up to 9 pendants, creating an array of emotional illumination. While it is particularly suitable to enrich a hallway or kitchen space, Maki can also be used to artfully illuminate modern dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Take two sheets of paper and roll them up together, creating something that resembles a seashell or a flower. A simple, instinctive and almost infantile gesture, this is a shape that tells a story, a simple and intuitive object both poetic and beguiling. Each Maki pendant is constructed of lacquered aluminum, and provides both direct and accent illumination.

The Maki Linear Multipoint Pendant is offered as a standard kit that includes one 35" linear multipoint canopy and 3 pendants with 78" cables. Additional pendants may be added by using the drop down menu. If more than 6 pendants are desired, select the 53" canopy option. Available with a choice of 78" or 200" cables, pendants are offered in gray or white color options. Canopy is constructed of metal, and features a white lacquered finish. Shown with 35" canopy, 3 gray pendants and 78" cables.

Note: A maximum of 6 pendants can be installed per 35" canopy, and a maximum of 9 pendants can be installed per 53" canopy. For custom orders, please call (866) 428-9289 for assistance.

  • Linear 35 In.: 35.48"L X 5.5"W X 1.58"H
  • Linear 53 In.: 53.16"L X 5.5"W X 1.58"H
  • Pendants (each): 3.5"D X 11.75"H
  • Cable: 78 - 200" Max Length
Lamp Type
3 - 9 X 35W 120V MR16 Halogen lamps (not included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
219007S2 10 219007S2 25 219007 10 219007 25 ROSONE02 10 ROSONE03 10