• Eco-Friendly

    Eco Friendly

    Eco Friendly items utilize energy efficient technology or sustainable manufacturing processes to provide a product that saves operating costs while being a more responsible environmental choice.

    Eco Friendly products include Compact Fluorescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs, and items that utilize sustainable materials such as bamboo or use post consumer recycled content.

  • Energy Efficient

The Gem Starburst Chandelier features a mid-century modern, sputnik-inspired body available in a variety of finishes. The arms of the fixture are capped with uniquely faceted abstract shaped gemstones that act as light shades for a series of integrated LEDs. Once the chandelier is on, a refractive display illuminates a room, giving the space an upscale ambiance.
  • 38 Inch: 38.4"Dia
  • 38 Inch Rod: Adjustable in 3" increments from 33.3" - 78.3"
  • 48 Inch: 48.3"Dia
  • 48 Inch Rod: Adjustable in 3" increments from 43.4" - 82.4"
Metal, glass
Lamp Type
12 X 21W 120V LED integrated, 1565 lumens, 2700K, 93 CRI (included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
CHB0039-0G-FB-A-38-L1 CHB0039-0G-FB-S-38-L1 CHB0039-0G-FB-F-38-L1 CHB0039-0G-FB-C-38-L1 CHB0039-0G-FB-B-38-L1 CHB0039-0G-BS-A-38-L1 CHB0039-0G-BS-B-38-L1 CHB0039-0G-BS-C-38-L1 CHB0039-0G-BS-F-38-L1 CHB0039-0G-BS-S-38-L1 CHB0039-0G-MB-A-38-L1 CHB0039-0G-MB-B-38-L1 CHB0039-0G-MB-C-38-L1 CHB0039-0G-MB-F-38-L1 CHB0039-0G-MB-S-38-L1 CHB0039-0G-GB-A-38-L1 CHB0039-0G-GB-B-38-L1 CHB0039-0G-GB-C-38-L1 CHB0039-0G-GB-F-38-L1 CHB0039-0G-GB-S-38-L1 CHB0039-0H-FB-A-48-L1 CHB0039-0H-GB-A-48-L1 CHB0039-0H-MB-A-48-L1 CHB0039-0H-BS-A-48-L1 CHB0039-0H-FB-B-48-L1 CHB0039-0H-GB-B-48-L1 CHB0039-0H-MB-B-48-L1 CHB0039-0H-BS-B-48-L1 CHB0039-0H-FB-C-48-L1 CHB0039-0H-GB-C-48-L1 CHB0039-0H-MB-C-48-L1 CHB0039-0H-BS-C-48-L1 CHB0039-0H-FB-F-48-L1 CHB0039-0H-GB-F-48-L1 CHB0039-0H-MB-F-48-L1 CHB0039-0H-BS-F-48-L1 CHB0039-0H-FB-S-48-L1 CHB0039-0H-GB-S-48-L1 CHB0039-0H-MB-S-48-L1 CHB0039-0H-BS-S-48-L1