• Eco-Friendly

    Eco Friendly

    Eco Friendly items utilize energy efficient technology or sustainable manufacturing processes to provide a product that saves operating costs while being a more responsible environmental choice.

    Eco Friendly products include Compact Fluorescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs, and items that utilize sustainable materials such as bamboo or use post consumer recycled content.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Made in USA

The Tempest Drum Pendant Light boasts an artistic signature steel-banded shade that mimics the whimsical flow of energy around a conical shape. Airy and modern, this pendant has the option of diffusing the soft glow of light through a frosted artisan glass lens or highlighting an exposed bulb without the diffuser.
  • Small Shade: 11.3"H X 18.3"D
  • Small Canopy: 0.7"H X 6"D
  • Small Cord Length: 18.4"-72.4"L
  • Medium Shade: 11.3"H X 24.3"D
  • Medium Canopy: 0.7"H X 6"D
  • Medium Cord Length: 18.4"-72.4"L
  • Large Shade: 11.3"H X 30.3"D
  • Large Canopy: 0.7"H X 6"D
  • Large Cord Length: 18.4"-72.4"L
Lamp Type
  • Incandescent: 1 X 100W 120V E26 (medium base) incandescent lamp (not included)
  • Fluorescent: 1 X 13W 120V GU24 (24mm twist and lock base) CFL (not included), equivalent LED lamps can be used
  • LED: 1 X 13W 120V LED integrated, 1025 lumens, 2700K, 93 CRI (included)
Item Number
CHB0013-18-FB-F-001-L1 CHB0013-18-FB-F-001-E2 CHB0013-18-FB-F-001-G2 CHB0013-18-FB-0-001-E2 CHB0013-18-FB-0-001-G2 CHB0013-18-GB-F-001-L1 CHB0013-18-GB-F-001-E2 CHB0013-18-GB-F-001-G2 CHB0013-18-GB-0-001-E2 CHB0013-18-GB-0-001-G2 CHB0013-18-MB-F-001-L1 CHB0013-18-MB-F-001-E2 CHB0013-18-MB-F-001-G2 CHB0013-18-MB-0-001-E2 CHB0013-18-MB-0-001-G2 CHB0013-18-BS-F-001-L1 CHB0013-18-BS-F-001-E2 CHB0013-18-BS-F-001-G2 CHB0013-18-BS-0-001-E2 CHB0013-18-BS-0-001-G2 CHB0013-24-FB-F-001-E2 CHB0013-24-FB-F-001-G2 CHB0013-24-FB-F-001-L1 CHB0013-24-FB-0-001-E2 CHB0013-24-FB-0-001-G2 CHB0013-24-GB-F-001-E2 CHB0013-24-GB-F-001-G2 CHB0013-24-GB-F-001-L1 CHB0013-24-GB-0-001-E2 CHB0013-24-GB-0-001-G2 CHB0013-24-MB-F-001-E2 CHB0013-24-MB-F-001-G2 CHB0013-24-MB-F-001-L1 CHB0013-24-MB-0-001-E2 CHB0013-24-MB-0-001-G2 CHB0013-24-BS-F-001-E2 CHB0013-24-BS-F-001-G2 CHB0013-24-BS-F-001-L1 CHB0013-24-BS-0-001-E2 CHB0013-24-BS-0-001-G2 CHB0013-30-FB-F-001-L1 CHB0013-30-FB-F-001-G2 CHB0013-30-FB-F-001-E2 CHB0013-30-FB-0-001-G2 CHB0013-30-FB-0-001-E2 CHB0013-30-GB-F-001-L1 CHB0013-30-GB-F-001-G2 CHB0013-30-GB-F-001-E2 CHB0013-30-GB-0-001-G2 CHB0013-30-GB-0-001-E2 CHB0013-30-MB-F-001-L1 CHB0013-30-MB-F-001-G2 CHB0013-30-MB-F-001-E2 CHB0013-30-MB-0-001-G2 CHB0013-30-MB-0-001-E2 CHB0013-30-BS-F-001-L1 CHB0013-30-BS-F-001-G2 CHB0013-30-BS-F-001-E2 CHB0013-30-BS-0-001-G2 CHB0013-30-BS-0-001-E2