• Made in USA
  • Ships to Canada

Design by Hi-Lite.
Made in USA.

The Gooseneck Barn Light Warehouse Outdoor Wall Sconce - B-1 Arm with Cast Guard is part of the Warehouse Shade series, which features traditional barn light shade designs. The Gooseneck Barn Light Warehouse Outdoor Wall Sconce - B-1 Arm with Cast Guard can be accessorized with a clear, frost, or ribbed glass, and cast guard or wire guard. Canopy, gooseneck, and shade can be coated in any of the available finishes making this sconce customizable to your needs. Ideal for spacious indoor or outdoor environments, this shade features a classic barn light design. UL Listed for wet locations.

Shown in Black / Clear Shade.

  • 14 Inch Overall: 14"D X 9"H; 21.5" Extension
  • 16 Inch Overall: 16"D X 10"H; 22.5" Extension
  • 17 Inch Overall: 17"D X 11"H; 23" Extension
  • Backplate: 4.75"D
Lamp Type
1 x 100W 120V E26 (Medium Base) incandescent (not included)
Item Number
H-QS15114/B-1-91/CGU-91-CLR H-QS15114/B-1-93/CGU-93-CLR H-QS15114/B-1-95/CGU-95-CLR H-QS15114/B-1-96/CGU-96-CLR H-QS15114/B-1-BR47/CGU-BR47-CLR H-QS15114/B-1-91/CGU-91-FR H-QS15114/B-1-93/CGU-93-FR H-QS15114/B-1-95/CGU-95-FR H-QS15114/B-1-96/CGU-96-FR H-QS15114/B-1-BR47/CGU-BR47-FR H-QS15114/B-1-91/CGU-91-RIB H-QS15114/B-1-93/CGU-93-RIB H-QS15114/B-1-95/CGU-95-RIB H-QS15114/B-1-96/CGU-96-RIB H-QS15114/B-1-BR47/CGU-BR47-RIB H-QS15116/B-1-91/CGU-91-CLR H-QS15116/B-1-93/CGU-93-CLR H-QS15116/B-1-95/CGU-95-CLR H-QS15116/B-1-96/CGU-96-CLR H-QS15116/B-1-BR47/CGU-BR47-CLR H-QS15116/B-1-91/CGU-91-FR H-QS15116/B-1-93/CGU-93-FR H-QS15116/B-1-95/CGU-95-FR H-QS15116/B-1-96/CGU-96-FR H-QS15116/B-1-BR47/CGU-BR47-FR H-QS15116/B-1-91/CGU-91-RIB H-QS15116/B-1-93/CGU-93-RIB H-QS15116/B-1-95/CGU-95-RIB H-QS15116/B-1-96/CGU-96-RIB H-QS15116/B-1-BR47/CGU-BR47-RIB H-QS15117/B-1-91/CGU-91-CLR H-QS15117/B-1-93/CGU-93-CLR H-QS15117/B-1-95/CGU-95-CLR H-QS15117/B-1-96/CGU-96-CLR H-QS15117/B-1-BR47/CGU-BR47-CLR H-QS15117/B-1-91/CGU-91-FR H-QS15117/B-1-93/CGU-93-FR H-QS15117/B-1-95/CGU-95-FR H-QS15117/B-1-96/CGU-96-FR H-QS15117/B-1-BR47/CGU-BR47-FR H-QS15117/B-1-91/CGU-91-RIB H-QS15117/B-1-93/CGU-93-RIB H-QS15117/B-1-95/CGU-95-RIB H-QS15117/B-1-96/CGU-96-RIB