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By Holtkotter.

The Ultimate Lighting Machine LED Raumfluter Floor Lamp No. 2625LED is a single torchiere featuring a LED reflector and the Holtkoetter Dimm-System Punkt1 (*P1). Ships with 10 feet of cord and dimming switch on stem.

The Dimm-System Punkt 1(*P1) Features:

  • Point dimming allows the lamp to be turned on with a single click of the P1 dimmer.
  • Soft On enables the lamp to come on low and continue to full brightness, allowing the eye to adjust to a gradual increase of light.
  • Soft/Delayed Off allows the lamp to be turned off with a single click of the P1 dimmer. The lamp with dim to 60 percent brightness of the original setting, remaining briefly at that level and then gradually turning itself off.
  • Dimming Cycle gives the lamp the ability to find the perfect level of light for any situation. If the P1 dimmer is pressed and held, it will cycle through all dimming levels and when the lamp achieves the perfect light level, release the P1 dimmer.

LED Specifications

  • Light Engine: Holtkoetter PC Board LED 11-24 with 24x CREE XP-G LEDs
  • Optic/Reflector: Holtkoetter Aluminum Reflector with 90° x 5 mm
  • Light Output: 3360 Lumens equivalent to 240 W Halogen
  • Light Color: 2900 Kelvin
  • Control/LED Driver/Dimmer: Holtkoetter Dimm-System P1 LED 1500 with full-range dimming of <0.1% - 100%
  • Maximum Current/Voltage: 1500mA & 24V
  • System Power Consumption: 3...36 Watts

  • 71.75"H
Lamp Type
24 LEDs consuming a total of 42 Watts Cree XP-G; 2900K; 3360 lumens (included)
Item Number
2625LED-BB 2625LED-CH 2625LED-HBOB 2625LED-SN