• Made in USA

Made in the U.S.A. by Hubbardton Forge.

The Folio Table Lamp features a highly sculptural "leaf" of forge textured steel suspended between a substantial cast steel base and its fabric shade. Its organic design and contemporary aesthetics make it ideal for modern living rooms, bedrooms and offices. Folio is offered in all of Hubbardton Forge's indoor metal finishes, and with a variety of fabric shade options to choose from, the combinations are endless. Provides ambient and diffused illumination. Offered with incandescent or fluorescent lamping options.

Shown in bronze metal finish with a natural anna fabric shade.

All Hubbardton Forge products include a lifetime warranty. See details.

  • 18"D X 25.1"H
fabric, cloth, metal
Lamp Type
  • 1 X 100W 120V E26 (medium base) A19 incandescent lamp (not included)
  • 1 X 14W 120V E26 (medium base) compact fluorescent lamp (included)
Item Number
272920-SKT-03-SB1815 272920-SKT-03-SC1815 272920-SKT-03-SD1815 272920-SKT-03-SE1815 272920-SKT-03-SF1815 272920-SKT-05-SB1815 272920-SKT-05-SC1815 272920-SKT-05-SD1815 272920-SKT-05-SE1815 272920-SKT-05-SF1815 272920-SKT-07-SB1815 272920-SKT-07-SC1815 272920-SKT-07-SD1815 272920-SKT-07-SE1815 272920-SKT-07-SF1815 272920-SKT-08-SB1815 272920-SKT-08-SC1815 272920-SKT-08-SD1815 272920-SKT-08-SE1815 272920-SKT-08-SF1815 272920-SKT-10-SB1815 272920-SKT-10-SC1815 272920-SKT-10-SD1815 272920-SKT-10-SE1815 272920-SKT-10-SF1815 272920-SKT-20-SB1815 272920-SKT-20-SC1815 272920-SKT-20-SD1815 272920-SKT-20-SE1815 272920-SKT-20-SF1815 272920-LED-03-SB1815 272920-LED-03-SC1815 272920-LED-03-SD1815 272920-LED-03-SE1815 272920-LED-03-SF1815 272920-LED-05-SB1815 272920-LED-05-SC1815 272920-LED-05-SD1815 272920-LED-05-SE1815 272920-LED-05-SF1815 272920-LED-07-SB1815 272920-LED-07-SC1815 272920-LED-07-SD1815 272920-LED-07-SE1815 272920-LED-07-SF1815 272920-LED-08-SB1815 272920-LED-08-SC1815 272920-LED-08-SD1815 272920-LED-08-SE1815 272920-LED-08-SF1815 272920-LED-10-SB1815 272920-LED-10-SC1815 272920-LED-10-SD1815 272920-LED-10-SE1815 272920-LED-10-SF1815 272920-LED-20-SB1815 272920-LED-20-SC1815 272920-LED-20-SD1815 272920-LED-20-SE1815 272920-LED-20-SF1815