Hubbardton Forge

Hubbardton Forge is one of America’s oldest and continuously operating iron forges, now approaching its fifth decade. A dedication to American craftsmanship and traditional metalworking has set the company apart as an industry leader. Each Hubbardton Forge lighting fixture is handcrafted in Vermont, USA.

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The Value of Tradition

Hubbardton Forge believes in doing things the right way, never sacrificing quality and skill for the sake of the mass market. Glowing red iron forges and traditional blacksmith techniques create heirloom products that are meant to last more than a lifetime. Their tight-knit company in Castleton, Vermont, includes a world-class team of designers in tune with the natural materials they work with and their place in the ecosystem. Through a series of partnerships with local manufacturers, from glass-blowing to LED technology, they continue to evolve their craft as modern American blacksmiths.

As makers with a passion for the eco-friendly, Hubbardton Forge strives to improve their sustainability practices while improving their products. Locally sourcing materials and supply partners allows for close collaboration while lowering the carbon footprint of each finished lighting fixture. Their many environmentally friendly initiatives range from pioneering manufacturing processes that reduce wasteful byproducts to LED integrated products designed for energy efficiency. Hubbardton Forge has been awarded the Vermont Governer’s Award for Environmental Excellence in Pollution Prevention, the Pinnacle Green Leaf Award, and ARTS Green Manufacturer Award.

Passionate for Hand-Crafted Design

Hubbardton Forge’s diverse team of designers bring their inspirations to life as a collaboration of skills. Their incorporate elegant iron forms with soft fabric shades to create sculptural masterpieces that draw the eye while illuminating the living space. Metal finishes from mahogany to burnished steel are paired with doe-skin microsuede shades of beautiful neutral hues. The contrast between the metallic nature and the organic form give Hubbardton Forge lighting fixtures a uniquely modern aesthetic.

For alluring overhead lighting fixtures, look no further than and pendant lights. Their traditional chandelier designs are sculpturally exquisite, incorporating contemporary glass candles that exude old-world charm and delight. More modern designs elevate these themes with fanciful energy, ranging from industrial to abstract in style. Many of their products are certified for use in damp environments, making them a perfect sip of luxury for rustic living spaces. are even more plentiful and versatile, from organic to minimalist in style. Art and form come together in a stunning catalog of imaginative pieces, sure to elevate any room in the modern home.

Accent lighting with is a great way to add depth and light layers to a room. Hubbardton Forge goes above and beyond with their creative use of materials in this crucial lighting function. Frosted glass diffusers create soft light and are thoughtfully paired with hand-forged metal casings that perfectly frame the resulting illumination. LED lighting technology is utilized to maximize the desired lighting effects for each accent piece. Eye-catching designs will accent the room with a character that goes beyond their functional features. Hubbardton Forge artisanal quality is evident from design to finish, with a lifetime guarantee to match.

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Hubbardton Forge

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