Interior Design Show 2014, Canada


Interior Design Show 2014, Toronto

Partnering with top design studios and iconic brands, YLighting sponsored two concept spaces for the See the Light exhibit at IDS14.

MSDS Studio + Foscarini
MSDS Studio is a multidisciplinary, multi-medium design practice based in Toronto. Founded in 2010 by Jonathan Sabine and Jessica Nakanishi, the studio has made a name for itself through its experimental use of graphics, materials and textures. IDS14 saw MSDS Studio partner with YLighting to design a Foscarini-inspired space in the See the Light feature. The studio created an immersive, quietly psychedelic space by using different parts of the light spectrum in order to highlight the pivotal role light fixtures play in design.

“The pendant was our starting point and we worked around it. We ended up going with an Italian theme for our installation. We were interested in radical theoretical Italian architects from the ’60s who had this idea of the continuous monument. It was a critique of modernism and homogenous culture. They put parasitic structures in different landscapes. It compromises the landscape.”
— Jonathan Sabine via Studio Beat
Diesel Collection Mysterio Pendant Light
Jonathan Sabine and Jessica Nakanishi of MSDS Studio - Photo by: Courtney Vokey

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WilliamsCraig Inc. + Illuminating Experiences
YLighting partnered with WilliamsCraig Inc. to create a space inspired by Illuminating Experiences in See the Light at IDS14. The studio designed a reflective and contemporary space, while paying homage to a classically inspired light form. Illuminating Experiences is a premier source of high-end lighting in North America with a diverse product portfolio including the Barcelona-based Modiss. With over 30 years of experience, the company offers a diverse range of products, from contemporary European and traditional Italian designs, as well as an in-house collection.

“We chose this fixture for its simple, classical silhouette, reminiscent of an oil lamp. We loved the mix of old and new, the way the fixture merges the historical with the contemporary. The Balbina Pendant is a nod to the traditional, brilliantly reimagined through the polished chrome interior and canopy and the way it suspends by two cables. This light fixture could work well in any room; on its own suspended over a side table in a living room, hung in a cluster at varying heights over a dining room table, or as a beside fixture hung next to the bed. The possibilities are endless.” — Karen Williams, Principal
Karen Williams and Joelle Craig of WilliamsCraig Inc.
Balbina 1C20 Pendant Light

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