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The Dune Tray was designed to delight you with unexpected emotions. The semi-transparent material of the Dune Tray, with internal sculpting, varies in chromatic intensity and luminosity while projecting a magical three-dimensional illusion onto the surface holding glasses and cups. Images fluctuate and flow in these trays, like mountain streams, rivers of lava, fiery flames. Animated images of the caprices of wind and light. Like the waves on the sea, desert dunes or the shimmering reflections of silk.

Available in two sizes and a wide range of semi-transparent colors.

  • Model 1200 (small): 18.1" W X 12.6" D X 1" H
  • Model 1210 (large): 21.7" W X 15" D X 1.3" H
Item Number
1200 1210