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Kartell products, including the Glossy table, are multifunctional and cross-sectional, easy to use and with undeniable visual appeal. Kartell products are instantly recognized worldwide for the excitement they create, their durable functionality and undisputed quality.

To simplify the recycling process, the various components of Kartell products can be easily separated and reduced to elements made of one single material. Moreover, the plastic parts of each product have a clearly printed universal Recycling Identification Mark.

  • Model 4560-square: 52" W X 52" D X 28.5" H; Weight: 70 lbs.
  • Model 4561-round: 51.3" Dia X 28.5" H; Weight: 57 lbs.
  • Model 4562-oval: 78.75" W X 47.3" D X 28.5" H; Weight: 77 lbs.
Top: MDF polyester lacquered; Frame: chrome-plated steel
Item Number
4560 4561 4562