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Why Kitchen Lighting Is Important

Often referred to as the heart of the home, the kitchen is where meals are made, days are shared, and midnight snacks are stolen. Since the kitchen serves a variety of different purposes, it is important that the space is properly lit with a combination of task lighting, general lighting, and accent lighting to maximize its potential.

How to Light a Kitchen

Kitchen lighting comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can match the room's décor or add a unique, decorative detail. However, when selecting kitchen lights it is important to make sure there is a combination of ambient lights and task lights, and that they are in the appropriate location. Whether you are an avid chef or an occasional cook, the counter space is where most food prep occurs. It is important that this workspace remains bright and shadow-free, and the best way to keep the counter top well-light, functional, and safe is to mount task lights to the underside of cabinets. Most undercabinet lights possess a low-profile allowing for them to be tucked out of sight as to not draw attention away from the design of the kitchen. But for a counter space that does not have a cabinet above it or for a kitchen island, use a single, medium sized pendant light or multiple mini pendants lights that direct light downward to add the task lighting that is needed.

In addition to adding task lighting to a kitchen, an ample amount of ambient light is needed for general use. Whether you're eating at the counter, washing dishes after dinner, or putting away groceries, ambient light for any of these activities can be easily achieved through a ceiling light. In a small kitchen, a single flush mount ceiling light or semi-flush mount ceiling light placed in the center of the room will do the trick. Whereas for a big kitchen, consider a combination of pendant lights and recessed lights.

At YLighting we offer a wide assortment of kitchen lighting ranging from kitchen pendant lights to flush mount ceiling lights to undercabinet lights designed to keep your kitchen well lit and functional.