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Kitchen Lighting

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The Importance of Kitchen Lighting

Cultivating the lighting design of the kitchen may be one of the more complex lighting pursuits within the home. The kitchen blends many different aspects of the home into one, and thus needs to consider each different form of lighting: task lighting, accent lighting, and ambience lighting.

First and foremost, your kitchen lighting is an important form of task lighting. Being able to prepare meals and cook on any countertop of the kitchen with accurate and full lighting is important for many reasons: for safety, for carrying out everyday tasks quickly and with ease, and for finding what you need.

Also, for many, the kitchen is often for more than just cooking - it's a place of conversation and entertaining. Being able to turn down your task lighting in favor of an ambient glow allows you, your friends, and your family to enjoy their time within the kitchen for socializing.

And then finally, being able to present your kitchen's design, its finest features, and architectural delights with accent lighting to your friends and family is equally as enjoyable and as important as any other room of the home. Bringing the modern aesthetic to your kitchen gives you the opportunity to present the best - in both form and function - within your daily lifestyle.

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Types of Kitchen Light Fixtures for Your Kitchen

One of the great things about kitchen lighting is that since there are a lot of different options available, you can be very precise with how to go forward creating your kitchen lighting's design. Below are the different modern kitchen lighting categories to be browsed through at YLighting.

& : For any lover of modern design, picking between pendant lights might be one of the most difficult decisions you can make. The reason being, each pendant light is a piece of art and vary wildly between designer, brand and collection. Kitchen pendant lights are most often used as either a task or ambient lighting fixture.

: Another common type of kitchen light fixtures, flush mount ceiling lights are a simple way to provide ambient lighting. For spaces that do not have very much room or height, these types of lights due to their compact profile are very functional and can provide general lighting for your space.

: Like flush mount lights, semi-flush are kitchen light fixtures can be used in similar spaces for ambient lighting, but given that they are a slightly larger, suspended feature, often have more stylistic iterations.

: Another way to add ambient lighting, recessed lighting are light fixtures that are placed within the site of installation - such as within a wall or the ceiling. The design elements to choose from within recessed lighting fall within the size, finish and type of trim you install with the light.

, , & : Track, Monorail and Cable Lighting are the best options for installing hanging pendant or head lights into your kitchen. Design enthusiasts love these options because they manage to blend utility with grandeur. For kitchen lighting, any one of these three options will be a great way to provide task lighting or ambient lighting depending on what type of kitchen light fixtures (pendant or head lights) you choose.

: Every kitchen needs them and YLighting carries the best modern kitchen lighting variants of these necessary kitchen elements.

: A useful element for any kitchen, accent cabinet lighting - also known as undercabinet lighting - are often a form of LED kitchen lighting that are installed underneath your cabinets to provide lighting for your kitchen countertops.

Finding the right kitchen light fixtures for your modern kitchen is a big task. If you need assistance in determining what type of kitchen lighting would go best with your kitchen, talk to one of YLighting's lighting experts by calling 866 428 9289.

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