The adorne® system is a flexible and modular solution designed to eliminate kitchen clutter. Fully customizable, you can select from several types of modules and modify your system in minutes. Simply pop out an existing module and replace it with a new module at any time.

The Modular Tracks simply plug together to create a full system custom designed for any kitchen. They form the base of the system, housing all of the wiring that connects the modules. Each system must include a Control Box or Direct Wire Connector that is hardwired to existing wiring or plugged into an outlet on the backsplash.

The adorne® 18" Modular Track includes one Tamper-Resistant Outlet Module and one Blank Module. Can support up to two LED lights. Provides 120V power via 15A outlet modules and 20A pass-through. Module openings are 6" on-center.


  • This track can support up to two adorne® Puck or Linear LED Lights as well. Recommended configuration is one light for every 18" of track.
  • Module options include standard 15A modern-outlets, USB modern-outlets, and a digital music system with BLUETOOTH wireless technology. You can also add cradles for mobile phones or tablets to save countertop space. These cradles fit onto the back edge of the track and do not occupy a module opening.
  • Modular tracks simply plug together, enabling easy installation.
  • Track provides 120V power via 15A outlet modules and 20A pass-through.
  • Tamper-resistant modern-outlets are designed with a patented shutter system, keeping children safe by preventing them from pushing small objects into the outlet.
  • Modular track features a sleek titanium finish.

  • 18"L
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