This adorne® Switch requires an adorne® Wall Plate to be fully functional.

The adorne® Paddle design features a simple up and down motion, allowing you to turn lights on and off with ease.


  • Pair the adorne® Paddle Switch with an adorne® Paddle Dimmer or adorne® Fan Speed Control for a consistent, uniform look.
  • Select a single switch to control one light. Or, pair it with a second switch or dimmer to conveniently control the light from two locations.
  • Switch supports single-pole and three-way operation.
  • Easy "1-for-1" installation lets you simply replace your existing switch with adorne® in just minutes.
  • Fits in your existing electrical box and does not require new wires for typical installation.
  • Innovative assembly and snap-in system make it fast and simple to install.
  • Easily customized with adorne® wall plates.
  • Select the Locator Status Light, which illuminates the touch point, for a smart add-on option that makes it easy to find your switch in the dark.
  • Available in white or magnesium finishes.

UL Listed.

  • ASPD1532W4, ASPD1532M4, ASPD1532W277, and ASPD1532M277 - 15 Amp, Single-Pole/3-Way, 2-Module: 1.77"W X 1.77"H; 1.5" Extension
  • ASPD2032W4 and ASPD2032M4 - 20 Amp, Single-Pole/3-Way, 2-Module, 120V: 1.77"W X 1.77"H; 1.59" Extension
  • ASPD2042W4 and ASPD2042M4 - 20 Amp, 4-Way, 2-Module, 120V: 1.77"W X 1.77"H; 1.72" Extension
  • ASPD1542W277 and ASPD1542M277 - 20 Amp, 4-Way, 2-Module, 277V: 1.77"W X 1.77"H; 1.5" Extension
plastic, metal
Item Number
ASPD1531M4 ASPD2042M4 ASPD1532M4 ASPD2042W4 ASPD2032W4 ASPD1531W4 ASPD1532W4 ASPD2032M4 ASPD1532M277 ASPD1532W277 ASPD1542M277 ASPD1542W277