This adorne® Wall Plate requires an adorne® Switch, Outlet or Dimmer to be fully functional.

adorne® Plastic wall plates provide the perfect finishing touch to any installation.

Each wall plate is packaged with a metal frame to enable easy installation when paired with a device. All plates are screwless and simply snap onto the included metal frame.


  • adorne® Plastics Neutral Wall Plates are available in Ashen Tan, Cappuccino, Greige, Black Ink, or Truffle finishes.
  • Available in one, two, three, four, five, and six-gang sizes to support up to six functions. Also available in 1-Gang, 3-Module sizes to support multiple functions in one electrical box, such as an outlet combined with a nightlight.
  • Plate easily snaps onto included mounting frame and installs in minutes with no visible screws. adorne® products fit into your existing electrical box, so no new wires are needed.
  • Pair with a classic white or versatile magnesium switch or dimmer for a unique look.
  • Complete your total designer look with options like a stunning adorne® Accent Nightlight accessory.

UL and ETL Listed.

  • 1G2 - 1 Gang, 2-Module: 3.45"W X 5.13"H
  • 1G3 - 1 Gang, 3-Module: 3.45"W X 5.13"H
  • 2G - 2 Gang: 5.29"W X 5.13"H
  • 3G - 3 Gang: 7.06"W X 5.13"H
  • 4G - 4 Gang: 8.88"W X 5.13"H
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