This adorne® Switch requires an adorne® Wall Plate to be fully functional.

adorne® SensaSwitches include passive infrared(PIR) sensor technology, automatically turning lights on or off when you enter or leave a room. The design features an innovative micro-movement that allows you to also manually turn on lights with a soft touch of the finer. adorne® SensaSwitches are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, garages and pantries.

adorne® SensaSwitches are available in two models:

  • Occupancy Sensor (Auto-ON/Auto-OFF): Automatically turns lights on when you enter a room and off when you leave.
  • Vacancy Sensor (Manual-ON/Auto-OFF): Allows you to turn lights on when you enter a run and automatically turns them off when you leave.

The Occupancy Sensor and Vacancy Sensor each have a maximum coverage range of 180 degrees and a coverage area of 600 square ft. The sensor must have a clear and unobstructed view of the coverage area. Objects blocking the sensor's lens may prevent detection thereby causing the light to turn off even though someone is in the area. Windows, glass doors and other transparent barriers will obstruct the sensors view and prevent detection.

  • Easy "1-for-1" installation lets you simply replace your existing switch with adorne® in just minutes.
  • Fits in your existing electrical box and does not require new wires for typical installation.
  • Easily customized with adorne® wall plates.
  • Features the adorne® Locator Status Light, which illuminates the touch point of the device at night. It can be disabled if desired.
  • Available in white or magnesium finishes.

UL Listed.

  • 1.77"W X 2.66"H; 1.85" Extension
plastic, metal
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