This adorne® Dimmer requires an adorne® Wall Plate to be fully functional.

The adorne® sofTap design features an innovative micro-movement that turns lights on and off with just a soft "tap" of the finger. Dimmers include a unique paddle to adjust light levels.

Tru-Universal technology enables a dimmer to control all load types. Dimmers marked as Tru-Universal automatically adapt to any load or combination of loads attached to them - incandescent/halogen, magnetic low voltage, electronic low voltage in forward or reverse phase, CFL/LED bulbs, etc. They eliminate the flickering, early dropout, or "pop-on" deficiencies which can plague other non adaptive modern-dimmers.


  • Take your project up a notch by combining your adorne® sofTap Dimmer with an adorne® sofTap Switch for a beautiful, elegant look.
  • 2-Wire 700W and 1100W Dimmers are designed to support incandescent and halogen bulbs.
  • Tru-Universal 700W, 3-Wire Dimmer supports incandescent/halogen, magnetic low voltage(MLV), electronic low voltage(ELV) in forward or reverse phase, CFL/LED,ect.
  • Select a single dimmer to control one light. Or, pair it with a second switch and conveniently control the light from two locations.
  • Supports both single-pole and 3-way operation.
  • Easy "1-for-1" installation lets you simply replace your existing dimmer with adorne® in just minutes.
  • Fits in your existing electrical box and does not require new wires for typical installation.
  • Innovative assembly and snap-in system make it fast and simple to install.
  • Easily customized with adorne® wall plates.
  • Features the adorne® Locator Status Light, which illuminates the touch point of the device at night. It can be disabled if desired.
  • Available in white or magnesium finishes.
  • Note: The sofTap 700W, Tru-Universal Dimmer is not compatible with 3- and 4-wire commercial ballasts.

UL Listed.

  • ADTP703HW2 and ADTP703HM2 - 700W, Single-Pole/3-Way, 2 Wire: 1.77"W X 4.20"H; 1.79" Extension
  • ADTP703TUW4 and ADTP703TUM4 - 700W, Single-Pole/3-Way Tru-Universal 3-Wire: 2.51"W X 4.2"H; 1.79" Extension
  • ADTP1103HW4 and ADTP1103HM4 - 1100W, Single-Pole/3-Way 2-Wire: 2.51"W X 4.20"H; 1.79" Extension
plastic, metal
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