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Lighted Medicine Cabinets

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Why Modern Lighted Medicine Cabinets are Essential

The modern bathroom is both a place of frenzied activity as well as a place to unwind after a hectic day, which means bright is essential. Medicine cabinets have evolved over time and now serve to do more than just hide medications and toiletries. Today’s medicine cabinets feature a range of high-tech features ranging from LED illumination to built-in televisions. Contemporary medicine cabinets with lights save space by combining vanity lighting with storage, keeping the modern bathroom clutter free and full of style.

Lighted Medicine Cabinets with High-Tech Features

One of the best things about contemporary medicine cabinets is the variety offered. Modern medicine cabinets incorporate the latest technology, making day-to-day grooming more exciting. Best-selling LED medicine cabinet mirrors feature built-in Spectrum Technology LED HDTVs. These medicine cabinets have a smooth, mirrored surface that conceals the TV when not in use for the ultimate space-saving bathroom fixture. TV/medicine cabinet combos are available in sizes ranging from compact 15-inch models to larger 21-inch models, so no matter how large or small the bathroom, there’s sure to be one that fits perfectly.

The high-tech features don’t stop there. Many modern lighted medicine cabinets also include integrated MP3 support, allowing you to listen to music from the most popular streaming services with the touch of a button. Music is broadcast throughout the bathroom thanks to Bluetooth technology, taking singing in the shower to a totally new level.

Lighted Medicine Cabinets for Bathrooms of All Sizes

Proper lighting is extremely important in any modern bathroom, as poor lighting makes daily grooming difficult and makes bathrooms appear smaller. In fact, installing is the best way to save space in a small bathroom, as it can double as a vanity light. Today’s forward-thinking medicine cabinets come with powerful, energy-conscious lamping options that instantly brighten the entire room while neatly concealing toiletries. While Lighting in the bathroom is super important, you’ll want to choose a lighted medicine cabinet that doesn’t overpower the space, yet still keeps clutter in check. LED lighted medicine cabinets are a great choice thanks to their energy efficiency, but incandescent and fluorescent lamping are also available.

For more expansive bathroom spaces, larger lighted medicine cabinets creatively make use of ample wall space. Larger medicine cabinets come in styles ranging from swing top to double, triple, and, quad styles and typically include handy features like corrosion resistant , internal mirror defoggers, and built-in additional sockets and USB ports. Popular models are available in small, medium, and large sizes and are designed to conserve energy.

Finding the Perfect Lighted Medicine Cabinet

With so many options to choose from, finding the right lighted medicine cabinet for your bathroom can be challenging. The biggest consideration is the size of your space. Always make sure you take accurate measurements, then narrow down your choices. If you're wondering where to install your lighted cabinet, consider how the space is used. For high traffic areas, a lighted medicine cabinet with plenty of storage is ideal. Alternately, if the bathroom will be used as a relaxation space, a model that has integrated MP3 and HD TV technology is a better choice. No matter which LED lighted mirror you pick, ensure that your personal style still shines through.