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Modern Credenzas

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Learn More About Living Room Credenzas

Modern Credenza Materials & Styles

Modern credenzas are both functional and decorative pieces of furniture. Traditionally, contemporary credenzas are a staple of the formal dining room as an aesthetically pleasing way to serve, display, and store dishware and glassware. Credenzas of today are much more versatile in the modern home as they can be found in the office, living room, hallway, or almost any other room in the house.

The benefits of modern credenzas go beyond just their utility; their beautiful construction allows them to serve as stylish structures to delight the eye as well. They can also provide balanced spatial flow when placed on the opposite end of the room from or .

Most modern credenzas are made from wood, allowing for high-quality construction that will withstand the test of time. The organic texture and appeal of wood works very well for rustic and farmhouse styles. Many mid-century modern credenzas take advantage of the clean lines and geometric shapes that are produced from wood.

Contemporary wood credenzas come in all sorts of finishes to fit the interior design of any room. The minute details of modern credenzas can make a big impact when it comes to matching style. For those looking for industrial design, finishing touches like a polished chrome base and legs will provide that machine-age feel.

Common Credenza Sizes

Contemporary credenzas come in more shapes and sizes than you might think. The dining room or kitchen is where you will find the modern sideboard or buffet most people think of when they envision a credenza. These pieces are long and rectangular with short legs, standing at about 36 inches high, which is the perfect height for serving. Modern credenzas feature cabinet doors and drawers that slide or open to maximize storage space. The number of cabinets, drawers, or shelves of the credenza can range from two to eight or more. Some units are specialized, such as a wine credenza, which provides slots for proper wine storage.

The modern office credenza works in tandem with a desk, serving as extra storage space for electronics or files. Office credenzas are usually as high as a desk from 30 to 32 inches, and a typical depth of 18 to 22 inches allows for adequate storage. If you need even more storage space, using matching are an excellent option. The living room is where you’d most likely find modern TV credenzas, which can serve as an alternative to or .

Favorite Modern Credenza Brands

is one of the leading producers of modern credenzas because they pay attention to every detail. These mid-century modern credenzas offer defining features like removable partitions and metal bases.

One of the most popular designers of contemporary credenzas is thanks to their high-end construction. Their wood credenzas feature rich textures and smooth finishes that are sure to add elegance to any room of the modern home.

offers one of the most versatile lines of modern credenzas for every room of the house, from the dining room to the office. Their line of wood credenzas are stunningly beautiful, which make them an excellent choice if you are searching for a rustic or farmhouse appeal.