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Living Room Lighting

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Why Living Room Lighting Is Important

The living room is the centerpiece of the home: it's a place of lounging, hobbies and activities, and reserved for communal experiences. It's where you host get togethers, spend time with your family, interact, and develop your most important relationships. To set the stage for this important place, you must be able to balance your living room's design between comfort with function and relaxation with presentation.

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How to Balance Your Living Room Lighting

Learning to layer the lighting in your living room is key to being able to comfortably light the many different tasks and activities that take place in the living room. To allow you to pinpoint the task at hand, you must be able to properly apply the three main elements of lighting design: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

Why is this important to do so? Picture the difference between cozying up with a book with only bright living room ceiling lights to provide you light or trying to vacuum with only a floor lamp. By applying the right elements of light, you can accommodate the activities that take place in the living room comfortably and efficiently.

Ambient Lighting For The Living Room

For social events such as having guests over, playing games, cleaning or creating a warm atmosphere in your home, ambient lighting, also known as general lighting, is important to have. Living room ceiling lights are the most common way to provide this type of lighting because of how well they provide equal lighting.

One of the best types of lighting for a living room light is one of the most common: a . It has been a living room stable for most of the 20th century for good reason: balanced lighting and the ability to cool down your living room. However, if a ceiling fan does not bode well with your decor, other options for ambient lighting for your living room could be recess lighting or living room recessed lighting.

If you intend to make a statement with your living room's ceiling light fixtures, a might be your best option. Two products carried by YLighting stick out: the by Hammerton Studio and the by Roll and Hill. Each of these would add a grandeur statement to any home while being able to provide general lighting.

Task Lighting For The Living Room

For some activities that take place in the living room such as reading, browsing on your laptop, or watching television, strong ceiling lighting is just unnecessary. This is where having proper task lighting comes into play.

Due to the ease in moving and around your living room, they tend to be the best for task lighting. Floor lamps such as the that have a low-profile base, skinny column, but flexible head are great for placing in unused spaces such as wall corners or behind lounge chairs. Adding table lamps such as the is best done doing so in pairs, so that you can add a touch of symmetry to your living room's design.

Incorporating within your living room can fall into both task lighting and ambient lighting. If you choose to add hanging lights for your living room such as pendant lights in the center of the room, they will not quite work for a task lighting function, but if you suspended a pendant light such as the directly over a couch or piano, they could adequately light up the space without providing enough general light to effect other areas of the living room.

Accent Living Room Lighting

Another key part of living room lighting is displaying your home decor and memorabilia. This is where accent lighting comes into play and where design-enthusiasts can really play with their lighting scheme.

Wall lights and sconces are the main types of accent lighting to use in the living room. Using a wall sconce like the , you can alter the look of your walls and ceiling to embellish wall color, height or cast light upon crown molding elements. Plus, incorporating LED living room lights give you more control over your lighting and use less energy. such as the are an easy to way to shine light upon special portraits, paintings, and pictures that are hung on your walls, or to display a bookshelf and its contents.

No matter what type of living room lighting you are looking for, you are sure to find it at YLighting. YLighting's selection of living room light fixtures spans many styles ranging from Mid-Century Modern to Danish Modern, industrial and rustic. While offering the best selection in living room ceiling lights, YLighting also offers no sales tax and free shipping to most orders. For any questions about track lighting, call (866) 428 9289 to talk to one of YLighting's lighting and decor experts.

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