• Made in USA

- Can be used in conjunction with the following dimmer(s), switch(es), sensor(s), and accessories: Maestro, Maestro IR, Maestro Wireless, Caseta Wireless, Pico wireless, Diva, Skylark Contour and Skylark controls, and Claro and Satin Colors accessories
- All Lutron wallplates are screwless, seamless, and have no visible hardware; the front plate securely snaps into the alignment adapter plate
- Full line of wiring devices in Designer style opening

Ganging and derating
- Designer wallplates use standard ganging
- Requires fins to be removed from dimmers for proper spacing ('Fins Broken' ganging)
- May require derating (i.e., reduction of dimmer capacity due to fin removal)

W: 2.94"(75mm); H: 4.69"(119mm); D: 0.30"(7.6mm)

Item Number
cw-1H cw-1-WT cw-1-IV cw-1-AL cw-1-GR cw-1-BR cw-1-BL cw-1H-WT cw-1H-IV cw-1H-AL cw-1H-GR cw-1H-BR cw-1H-BL