• Made in USA

600W incandescent master dimmer. Claro faceplate (pictured) sold separately. Press rocker to adjust light level. LEDs indicate light level, glow softly. One tap on to selected light level/off; two taps full bright; press   hold for 10-second fade off. Front accessible service switch (FASS). For multi-location dimming only, use with up to nine "smart remotes" (LN-MA-R-).

Dimensions (with single gang wallplate):
W: 2.94" (75mm) X H: 4.69" (119mm) X D: 0.30" (7.6mm).

Product family features
- True multi-location dimming from every location
- Tap on to preset level; tap off; tap twice for full on; touch rocker to adjust light level
- LEDs indicate light level and glow softly in the dark
- Delayed off provides light as you exit the room
- Line frequency compensation maintains stable light levels despite power line frequency and voltage variations
- Programming allows customized functions
- C-L, eco-dim amd eco-timer models available
- Coordinating Claro, Satin Colors, and Stainless Steel wallplates only available separately

Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
ma-600H 75574 ma-600-WT ma-600-IV ma-600-LA ma-600-GR ma-600-BR ma-600-BL ma-600H-WT ma-600H-IV ma-600H-LA ma-600H-GR ma-600H-BR ma-600H-BL