• Made in USA

Maestro Dimmer/Timer features:

  • Combines the capabilities of a Maestro dimmer and a Maestro timer in the space of one control.
  • Provides independent control of two separate applications (for example, a light and a fan).
  • Ideal for retrofits or upgrades of stacked switches--no need to cut additional box space, no neutral wire required.
  • Use timer with exhaust fans in bathrooms to eliminate moisture and reduce mold and mildew.
  • Timer can be set to operate fan or second light for 5 to 60 minutes before turning off automatically.
  • Timer LEDs indicate time remaining before turn-off.
  • Dimmer LEDs show preset light level when light is off.
  • Switch can be used to control incandescent, magnetic or electronic low voltage, non-dimmable fluorescent lighting loads, or exhaust or ceiling fan loads.
  • Dimmer controls 300 watt incandescent or halogen loads.
  • Single pole applications.
  • Timer 2.5A lighting load or general purpose fan.

Package contains (1) control, face plate not included.

Item Number
MA-L3T251-AL MA-L3T251-BG MA-L3T251-BI MA-L3T251-BL MA-L3T251-BR MA-L3T251-BW MA-L3T251-DS MA-L3T251-ES MA-L3T251-GB MA-L3T251-GR MA-L3T251-GS MA-L3T251-HT MA-L3T251-IV MA-L3T251-LA MA-L3T251-LS MA-L3T251-MN MA-L3T251-MR MA-L3T251-MS MA-L3T251-PD MA-L3T251-PL MA-L3T251-SG MA-L3T251-SI MA-L3T251-ST MA-L3T251-SW MA-L3T251-TC MA-L3T251-TP MA-L3T251-WH